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Energy EFT (Book & Video): Next Generation Tapping & Emotional Freedom Techniques

by Silvia Hartmann
Energy EFT (Book & Video)

Silvia Hartmann, chair of The AMT, takes Gary Craig's classic EFT to the next level with this wonderfully comprehensive book that is as absolute must-buy for anyone interested in energy and its use turning negative emotions into positive ones. All emotions can be worked with including Stress, Anxiety, Fear & PTSD. Energy EFT is suitable for both beginners, energy workers in different modalities and also top-level EFT master practitioners & trainers wanting to know more.

Choose Your Energy EFT Edition - eBook or Paperback...

Both digital and paperback editions of Energy EFT come with free bonuses to make mastering the technique easy, powerful and fun!

Energy EFT Paperback

Energy EFT eBook

Energy EFT is 272 pages. We recommend the paperback edition to anyone who likes the look, feel and energy of a real book!

Digital Downloads
Available instantly after purchase. You’ll have access to three versions of the file suitable for different devices:

  • Adobe PDF for viewing on screen or printing out at home for personal use.
  • ePub & Mobi for e-readers and tablets such as iPads, Kindles, smart phones, etc

Video DVD
90 minute DVD containing two Energy EFT presentations by Silvia Hartmann. Suitable for all standard DVD players, laptops and computers with DVD drives.

Video Downloads
Two Energy EFT presentations by Silvia Hartmann in standard MP4 format which are suitable for watching on screen, smart phones, iPads & tablets – or for burning to DVD for personal use.

Energy EFT Tips by Silvia Hartmann (PDF digital download) is a collection of over one hundred tips & insights by the energy genius herself.

Energy EFT Tips by Silvia Hartmann (PDF digital download) is a collection of over one hundred tips & insights by the energy genius herself.

Energy EFT quick-reference bookmark and handy SUE scale on the reverse for measuring your personal change. Contains the entire Energy EFT protocol in an easy-to-carry handy format. More info...

FREE Upgrades
We provide free upgrades with our eBooks so if Silvia Hartmann releases a new edition of Energy EFT then you’ll be able to re-download it free-of-charge!


  • For a limited time, Energy EFTpaperback comes free with Energy EFT ebook so you get the best of both worlds!
  • If you've purchased Energy EFT from a supplier other than DragonRising please contact us for information on gaining access to the digital download bonuses
  • Energy EFT is required reading for the new AMT EFT Master Practitioner training program

"Have you tried Tapping? I truly believe that it is a wonderful and life-changing tool."

Louise Hay, author, "You Can Heal Your Life"

Welcome To Energy EFT - the next generation of EFT as modern energy work.

Using EFT with energy in mind, you can now experience faster, more focused, more logical EFT self help treatments and go much further into the realms of empowerment, mental clarity and having all the energy you need to succeed in life.

With a comprehensive A-Z of how to work with Energy EFT in self help step by step and including many case examples, this essential field guide by Silvia Hartmann, Trainings Director of the Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies The AMT, contains all you need to unlock the true power of Energy EFT. 

EFT Energy: Energize Your Life with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT StarEnergy EFT

EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques is a modern energy based method to remove stress, painful emotions, and to change the experience of pain, illness and suffering for the better by working directly with the energy body, which has been entirely neglected up to now.

EFT treatments take a paradigm shift in effectiveness and reveal their true power when we apply EFT "with energy in mind," as this affects every aspect of EFT treatment sessions from the protocols to the treatment flow, and from the words we use to how, when and what we tap on.

EFT Star

Energize Your Life from -10 to +10

Modern energy work is not like psychology or medicine. To unlock the true power of EFT to enlighten, inspire, heal and transform, we discover there is more to EFT than just "tapping your problems away" - there is a whole additional dimension beyond "the Zero Point of Feeling Nothing," a whole range of POSITIVE emotions we can experience when we improve the flow of energy with EFT.

It is in the high positive Healing Events that the true power of EFT becomes revealed.

EFT Star

The Essential Next Generation A-Z Field Guide To EFT

Bringing together the findings of well over a decade of EFT, many things have been learned. New protocols, new treatment procedures and most of all, a new way to think about EFT treatments have brought significant advances in how we treat stress, anxiety, anger, bereavement, panic, memories, limiting beliefs, pain, illness, low self esteem and emotional blockages to success with EFT.

Here is a brand new step by step guide for EFT in the field, featuring a comprehensive A-Z of EFT applications to utilise the latest advances in modern energy work to make EFT treatments even faster, simpler, more direct, more successful and most of all, leaving people truly energized and delighted.

EFT Star

Self Help EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT starts with the self - one person treating themselves for their own personal problems. This remains the case, even if this person has long since become an EFT practitioner, an EFT trainer or even an EFT innovator.

Energy EFT focuses on EFT self help above all else and includes important information about how to make EFT work in self help for anyone who wants to reduce stress and energize their lives in a whole new way.

EFT Energy: Energize Your Life with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

When you order Energy EFT, you may choose between either the paperback or eBook editions:

Energy EFT DVD

Paperback Edition - FREE DVD & BOOKMARK

The paperback edition of Energy EFT comes with a free DVD featuring two 45-minute presenations by author Silvia Hartmann. The first presentation is called “Introduction to Energy EFT" and contains all the basics a beginner needs to really excel with the technique, whilst the second presentation “Teaching Energy EFT” is for energy professionals wanting to add this fascinating evolution in EFT to their existing practice. 

Energy EFT Bookmark

Whether you are just starting out with EFT, or been “doing it” for years, you’ll see on these presentations why Silvia Hartmann is recognised as a true visionary and master of this awesome energy modality. The book itself is wonderfully simple for beginners, yet has been reviewed as offering “graduate level information” and "a breath of fresh air for the EFT community".

Alongside the comprehensive book and feature-length video DVD, you'll also receive a handy “Energy EFT Bookmark” allowing you to have a quick-reference guide to the “Heart & Soul” protocol that drives Energy EFT. On the reverse is a SUE Scale diagram, which Energy EFT uses to measure change and success in your tapping round.

eBook Edition - FREE VIDEO & AUDIO DOWNLOAD - Available Now!

Purchase the eBook edition and you'll be able to instantly download Energy EFT in 3 different file formats suitable for reading on screen, printing out at home or reading on fancy gizmos like the Apple iPad and Amazon Kindle.

You'll also be able to instantly download the 45 minute MP4 video file of "Introduction to Energy EFT", as well as listen to the MP3 audio from "Teaching EFT".

What is more, eBooks purchased from us come with free upgrades whenever the book is updated!


EFT Energy: Energize Your Life with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

Energy EFT

by Silvia Hartmann

From the author of "Adventures In EFT," the World's best selling book on EFT, first published in 1998 and with 8 Editions comes this major update to the theory and practice of EFT after 14 years.

Based entirely on practical experience and significant advances in the research of modern energy work, Energy EFT represents a paradigm shift in the application of EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Required Reading for the EFT Master Practitioner Training, certified by the Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies TheAMT, this comprehensive A-Z guide and manual to EFT is recommended to all students and practitioners of EFT, as well as being the perfect introduction to newcomers to the theory and practice of modern Energy EFT.

If you've previously purchased Energy EFT in paperback or eBook you are eligible for a free download of Silvia Hartmann's Introduction to Energy EFT video presentation -


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Energy EFT: Energize Your Life FREE DEMO

Complete first part of the 2012 essential new EFT book by Silvia Hartmann "Energy EFT." Contains full instructions and complete new EFT Heart & Soul Protocol.

Energy EFT Ebook Demo by Silvia Hartmann (www.DragonRisin g.com).pdf Download Page

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Edeltraud Grace, Virtuosity, Mount Eliza, Australia

  Gary Graig told us that we are on the ground floor of a healing high rise, with Silvia Hartmann's EFT Energy book we are moving up to the second floor.   - Edeltraud Grace, Virtuosity, Mount Eliza, Australia
Read Review

Elaine, United States

  I have spent a couple of hours working with the storybook protocol and have found it to be very powerful and effective   - Elaine, United States
Read Review

Caroline Flynn

  I would highly recommend this book to any EFT practitioner as Silvia's knowledge on the subject surpasses many others in this field of healing   - Caroline Flynn
Read Review

Chaya Hernandez, U.S.A.

  Energy EFT is a great prize for all those seeking to heal themselves and/or others with EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques. I can't think of anyone I wouldn't recommend this book to.   - Chaya Hernandez, U.S.A.
Read Review

  Dr Hartmann's compassionate, straight from-the-heart, honest, and clear writing makes [Energy EFT] a must have for everyone!   - Kelly Burch, Australia
Read Review

Gonini, United Kingdom

  The SUE Scale bookmark is brilliant, as it is concise and laminated, so very durable. It is very visual and has all the information on there for quick reference. You can carry it with you in bag, briefcase, your car or use it as a bookmark in any book.   - Gonini, United Kingdom
Read Review

Patriq, Amazon.com

  I have always been challenged in recommending a book on EFT to people so they could use it on their own. Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann is the one I will now recommend.   - Patriq, Amazon.com
Read Review

Mary Hirose Author

  ENERGY EFT - An amazing, complete, thorough, and easy to read reference guide that I will enjoy returning to, again and again. My most hearty applause to Dr. Hartmann, Thank you!   - Mary Hirose Author
Read Review

Patriq Dusaint

  Often, I am asked for a recommendation of a book on EFT and now, this will be the one!   - Patriq Dusaint
Read Review

  My energy soared and helped me feel much more at ease in teaching!   - Rev. Susan Pharis, USA
Read Review

  [Energy EFT] is so interesting that I'm reading it for the second time, and I will read it as many times as I can, in order to nail every word into my head.   - Salvador Chavez Glez, Mexico
Read Review

  I have more excitement about the possibilities for using EFT than ever before.   - Hal Weiss, Amazon USA Customer
Read Review

  The one EFT variant I've found to be different is Silvia Hartmann's Energy EFT because of its use of a -10 to +10 scale. Now when I do other variants I keep thinking 'where's the other half?!'   - Blaine Wright, from the AMT's MET Forum
Read Review

  What a great inspirational read from an inspirational gifted lady – Thank you Silvia   - Aisling Killoran, Accomplish Change Clinic, Dublin
Read Review

  A must read book fo all EFT users. Great content and a new slant on the EFT protocol. I highly recommend this book.   -
Read Review

Sam Atherton

  I am very excited about this new EFT book - it confirms what I have been thinking for a long time, that it is not enough to simply tap negative emotions away. This book is an excellent new EFT resource and very inspiring.   - Sam Atherton
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 Emotional Buzz Newsletter

  Energy EFT represents the next generation of EFT as modern energy work. Using EFT with energy in mind, Energy EFT presents faster, more focused, more logical EFT self-help treatments that enable you to go much further into the realms of empowerment.   - Emotional Buzz Newsletter
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Steve Wornoff United States

  This is such a logical evolution of EFT that I'm surprised that it hasn't been developed before   - Steve Wornoff United States
Read Review

  Energy EFT - Really well written, very understandable and I wish that this book had existed when I first explored the world of energy psychology! And I'm also glad that you now have the book in kindle format so I can bring it along on my kindle.   - Sue Tanida, USA
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Michaela Thiele Germany

  A really new EFT book, and one which is considerably different to other books on the market.   - Michaela Thiele Germany
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