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DragonRising Publishing specialises in publishing books, ebooks, courses, audio downloads and manuals in Modern Energy.

What Is Modern Energy?

Modern Energy is not based on traditional ideas about subtle energy from ancient cultures, New Age subtle energy medicine or any form of ancient religious or spiritual tradition.

Modern Energy is based on the provable, measurable, experiential reality of the living energy body in modern people. The theory of Modern Energy can be found in EMO Energy In Motion (Hartmann, 2002/2016).

Modern Energy holds that:

  • The human energy body is real;
  • The energy body produces sensations as feedback devices;
  • These sensations are the 6th Sense;
  • It is impossible to make sense of human beings without factoring the additional 16.7% of information the 6th Sense provides.

The 6th Sense provides sensations in the physical body which have no physical origin, and are known as:

  • Intuition (fleeting, fine 6th Sense sensations);
  • Emotion (mid range 6th Sense sensations);
  • Psychosomatic Pain (high end 6th Sense sensations).

By addressing the conditions in the actual, real living energy body we can measure, understand and change our experiences, emotions, relationships and actions in a whole new way. 

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