The Energy of Attraction: Social, Romantic & Sexual Abundance

Alex Kent
The Energy of Attraction

The Energy of Attraction is the complete guide for men and women seeking social, romantic and sexual abundance through the practise of Modern Energy based techniques.

Meeting, dating and falling in love has the power to make us feel more alive than anything else, yet the journey from "Hello" to sex is rarely the well lubricated experience we'd all wish it to be.

This book is the antidote to stress, anxiety and feeling unlucky in love. It will teach you how to become the best and most attractive new you possible.

Beyond the bedroom, you'll see how these powerful ideas, tools and techniques radiate outwards into all other areas of your life.

The Energy of Attraction is about that moment in time when two equals first meet and begin to dance around each other, discovering, sensing, wondering...

Maybe they are a little nervous but it feels so right.

Then they connect, their universes become one and magic happens.

Their stories have become one story, their journey together has just begun.

Take Your Love Life & Social Life To The Next Level!

  • Struggling to get your love life off the ground, going through a drought or just come out of a relationship?
  • Suffer from social anxiety, body dysmorphia or are afraid to go over and talk to someone you fancy?
  • Think of yourself as too old or feel like you're invisible?
  • Think finding love is like “getting lucky”, or something you can only do in bars, clubs or online these days?
  • Don't think your friends respect, value or listen to you?

The Energy of Attraction by Energy Dating Coach Alex Kent is about meeting and attracting beautiful people into your life through tried and tested techniques that mean you’ll be able to enjoy connecting with anyone.

By buying this book, practising the techniques and enjoying the case stories you’ll give yourself a new lease-of-life and bring about a whole new attractive you!

Written in concise, easy-to-understand, plain talking language, you’ll find this book to be your perfect companion as you start the next chapter in your life.

Benefits of Practising The Energy of Attraction

  • Energy of Attraction by Alex KentHow to be the best and most confident you. Attract beautiful, positive people into your life and make new memories you’ll remember for ever.
  • Discover breathtakingly simple guides to emotional mastery using the principles of Silvia Hartmann’s Modern Energy.
  • Set goals for what you want, create new desires, discover how to become your own role model and live the life you deserve.
  • Overcome “Approach Anxiety”, create deep connections with new people and push the boundaries of your comfort zone.
  • How to stand out from the crowd - and how to enjoy standing out!
  • Go from being socially anxious to the life & soul of the party who can talk to anyone about anything.
  • Gain new insights and influence into how people make decisions.
  • Learn techniques for meeting people anywhere, having a conversation, going on dates and enjoying first sex with a new partner.
  • How-to-guides for online dating, social media, writing engaging profiles, speed dating, festivals and partner dancing.
  • Easy to read, short, concise and fun chapters - perfect for busy people or those who don’t consider themselves to be “good readers”.

About Alex Kent

Alex Kent

Alex Kent is the world's leading Energy Dating Coach, who specialises in teaching people how to become their most attractive and confident selves simply by raising our energy levels.

With twenty years of experience with Modern Energy based techniques and a passion for helping people connect, Alex shines a new light onto how we find, meet and enchant one another.

Alongside being an author, Alex is also the CEO of the Guild of Energists (GoE). The GoE are a not-for-profit membership organisation active in over 70 countries. They are dedicated to providing Modern Energy based solutions to 21st century problems such as stress and anxiety in fields such as therapy, stress-management, health, education, business success, creativity, attraction, dating and coaching.

The Energy of Attraction is Alex's complete step-by-step model for attracting quality people, lovers and events into our lives through the power of positive energy.

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