StarLine Therapy: From A New Past Arises A New Future

Silvia Hartmann
StarLine Therapy

StarLine Therapy by Silvia Hartmann is a new form of energy therapy. Star therapists can assist their clients to change the story of their lives through Star Matrix, overcome trauma and find deep healing by connecting with their core self. This book explains StarLine Therapy with clients step by step.

Please note that you need to read the original Star Matrix book first.

StarLine Therapy by Silvia Hartmann


Table of Contents

Welcome by Silvia Hartmann 9

Part 1: Star Matrix Is The Way 11

It's All About Energy – It's All About LOVE 12

The Problem With Trauma 14

There's More To Life Than Trauma 16

The Star Matrix Is Born 18

Can Star Matrix Help Clients? 22

From Star Matrix To StarLine Therapy 24

The Broken TimeLines 27

The Importance Of The StarLine 30

The Star Matrix 32

The Self Healing Energy Body 34

Star Matrix And The StarLine 36

The Star Therapist 40

Star Matrix For Star Therapists 43

Focus On The Star Therapist 45

The Therapist's Missing Stars 48

The Star Client 50

There Is No Change Without Star Events! 52

The Miracle Expansion 54

When The Therapist Evolves 56

Now, Things Are Possible … 58

Part 2: Star Matrix Therapy 61

The Start: Simple Star Matrix 62

Explaining Star Matrix 63

The Happy Pattern 64

Entering Into Happiness 65

The Important Message For Here & Now 68

Creating The Future 70

The Book Of Stars 71

Star Matrix Energy Healing 75

Matching Problems To Their Star Solutions 77

Introducing The Thing 79

The Wrong Star Memory? 83

The Star Matrix Healing Pattern Step By Step 85

Star Matrix Constellations 87

The Stars Are Connected 90

You Are Not Who You Think You Are 92

Part 3: StarLine Therapy 95

Creating The StarLine: Sorting By Time 96

From A Wound To A Person 98

The Amazing StarLine 100

DarkFields & BrightFields 102

The DarkField Aspects & Their Stars 104

The New Story Of Our Lives 107

Add More Stars! 111

Memory Aids To Finding More Stars 112

The Stars In The BrightFields 114

Focus On A BrightField 115

StarLine To Star Matrix 117

The Goal In StarLine Therapy 120

New Stars & Future Stars 125

The Star Dreams In StarLine Therapy 130

The SuperMind Star Dream Pattern 134

StarLine Therapy & Trauma 137

Traumas That Actually Were Stars 139

Losing The Fear Of Trauma Itself 142

StarLine Therapy & The Guiding Stars 144

StarLine Therapy & The Future 147

A Simple StarLine Meditation 149

StarLine Therapy & Immortality 151

The Core Self 155

Giving & Receiving The Star Stories 157

The Story Teller Pattern From EMO 159

Magic Words: Therapeutic Story Telling 166

Proof Of Evolution 170

How To Become An Even Better Star Therapist 172

The Star Client's Perspective 178

Star Therapists Sharing Star Stories Of Change, Healing & Evolution 180

StarLine Therapy In Overview 182

Star Matrix Is The Way! 185

Addendum: Star Energy! 187

Star Energy! 189

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star ... 190

The Metaphor Of The Star 192

There's A Starman Waiting In The Sky … 194

Where Do The Stars Go ..? 195

A Place For The Stars 196

The StarFields 198

More Stars! More Stars! 199

Further Information

About The Author

StarLine Therapy by Silvia Hartmann

StarLine Therapy by Silvia Hartmann

StarLine Therapy by Silvia Hartmann

Welcome by Silvia Hartmann

Welcome to StarLine Therapy!

I am delighted you are here with me to discover and explore a new and different kind of “therapy.”

“Therapy” means the treatment of disease or disorders with a healing intention.

“StarLine” is a Star Matrix concept which refers to a person's timeline which exclusively contains their Star Events, the best moments of their lives.

StarLine itself is the treatment, is the life healing in a profoundly spiritual way.

At the same time, StarLine Therapy is practical, easy and delightfully surprising in its results.

StarLine Therapy gives us a complete set of tools and step by step approaches to heal ravaged self concepts, re-connect broken timelines, and provides a stable foundation for the individual to move forward into a better future.

As we engage with StarLine Therapy, we are constantly surprised just how profound the insights and changes are.

StarLine Therapy also, and by design, evolves not only the Star Client, but also the Star Therapist.

StarLine Therapy is a paradigm shift in the client-therapist interaction, and unlocks the human potential of working together in order to create changes that nobody could have achieved on their own.

The many benefits of StarLine Therapy are the best proof that we are moving in the right direction and that Star Matrix is, indeed, the way.

If you are entirely new to my work, please see “The Energy rEvolution” for the essential information about the energy inclusive, 6 sense paradigm and its concepts, and “Star Matrix” which describes in detail the methods, techniques and processes of working with high positive memories, the Star Events of our lives.

StarLine Therapy is the natural outcome, the inevitable discovery, which occurs when we start to pay attention to our living energy bodies, and develop methods and techniques which are healthy and beneficial to mind, body and spirit at the same time.

I am delighted and excited to invite you to a new world of people working with each other to bring about beautiful, positive Star Events of change, of healing and of evolution.

Let us begin.

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