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Big Ted's Guide to Tapping

 by Alex Kent & Jen Smith
Big Ted

Turn negative emotions into positive ones withĀ BIG Ted'sĀ Guide to Tapping.

Join the loveable BIG Ted as he guides youĀ and your child through the near miraculousĀ Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT).

Energy EFT For Teenagers: The Simple Solution For Success & Happiness

Teenage life is stressful - here is a simple, profound method to release stress and start to shine.

In the thoroughly practicalĀ Energy EFT For Teenagers:Ā The Simple Solution For Success & Happiness, Paula Kennedy gives us a real tool that mums, dads, teenagers, carers and teachers can use to reduce stress and improve performance quickly and profoundly.

GoE Merchandise

If you loveĀ BIG Ted's Guide to Tapping, you'll love our new A4 Big Ted 'Magic Tapping' sheets.Ā These high quality, double-sided, laminated, GoEĀ Magic TappingĀ Sheets,Ā make for a perfect addition to workshops and talks with young children.

Parenting with Heart & Soul

Parenting is hard. No one tells you that. You suddenly have a child in your care andĀ it's up to you, sink or swim. Ever felt like it should be easier? Yeah, so did Kelly Burch.

In Parenting with Heart & Soul, Kelly combines her expertise as an energy healingĀ practitioner and mother to produce something profound yet also easy to absorb andĀ put into action.

Art Solutions

Engage with original, uplifting, positive energy art in theĀ Art Solutions Colouring Book by the creator of Modern Energy and inspirational modern energy artist Silvia Hartmann. Inside you will find 23 vibrant paintings that will give you not only countless hours of pure stress relief and pleasure whilst you colour them in, but a powerful focus on drawing positive energy into your life. Pure energy magic!

Modern Energy Tapping Foundation Course
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