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End the nightmare of trauma! From a new past arises a new future - discover the treasures and riches of your life.

Star Matrix

It is as simple as it is groundbreaking! Re-connect with the best moments of YOUR life, your Star Memories. Each one is a priceless treasure in its own right that will uplift, inspire and bring real wisdom, but when they connect together, the STAR MATRIX is born - a totally new, reality based self concept that will empower you, protect you and that no-one can take away from you. Start YOUR Book of Stars today!

Audio Downloads

This Star Meditation, code name "Elory's Continuum," is as an mp3 file you can download and put on your own devices so that you can listen to it anywhere and at anytime.

The Energy Course - Modern Energy Foundation Video Course

The Energy Course is your perfect start to the theory and practice of Modern Energy taught by GoE President Silvia Hartmann herself. Learn the core concepts and try out a wonderful array of practical, easy Modern Energy Techniques for yourself. The Energy Course covers:Β  The Modern Energy Chart, EMO Energy in Motion, MET Modern Energy Tapping, SuperMind, MSM Modern Stress Management, The Power of the Positives and Star Matrix.

⭐ New: The Energy Course Now Includes The Modern Energy Foundation Certification, the pre-requisite for more advanced trainings in Modern Energy.

StarLine Therapy

StarLine Therapy by Silvia Hartmann is a new form of energy therapy. Star therapists can assist their clients to change the story of their lives through Star Matrix, overcome trauma and find deep healing by connecting with their core self. This book explains StarLine Therapy with clients step by step.

Please note that you need to read the original Star Matrix book first.

The MONEY!!! Course: Take YOUR MONEY!!! Life To The Next Level! by Silvia Hartmann The MONEY!!! Course: Take YOUR MONEY!!! Life To The Next Level! by Silvia Hartmann Take the brilliant MONEY!!! Course - and have your own Star Event to transform your money life!

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