The Power Of The Positives Workshop & Videos: Beyond Positive Psychology, Positive Thinking & Positive Vibes

Silvia Hartmann
The Power Of The Positives Workshop & Videos

Do you want to feel better, achieve more, and live a life of meaning and purpose? If so, you need The Power of the Positives by Silvia Hartmann, the creator of Modern Energy.

This Book will show you how to use the power of love to transform your life with twelve chapters of practical exercises, inspiring stories and powerful insights.

As a bonus, you'll also receive a twelve part video course and a special report for experienced energists!

Discover ... 

The Power Of The Positives

A Brand NEW Approach To Positive Psychology, Positive Vibes & Positive Thinking:

Positive Energy For YOUR Health, Wealth and Happiness!

Silvia Hartmann's Power of the Positives

Here's how to be more positive - without compromise, without make belief!


Unlock the next level of success, health and happiness for YOUR life!

Stress, anxiety and depression ruin our lives, and life has never been so stressful as it is right now.

There is so much negativity in the world today, we cannot afford to go on like this any longer.

We need to turn the tide – we need raise energy with The Power Of The Positives!


Go BEYOND Just “Positive Thinking” And Start Feeling Better!

It is impossible to think positively when we're stressed, anxious and depressed. The very first step is to calm our minds, calm our emotions and take a deep breath!

Silvia Hartmann, the Creator of Modern Energy, will take you step by step through a beautiful, easy to understand and super easy to do program that will transform the way you think about yourself, about your power to manage your emotions better, and leave you with a direct path out of stress and into much, much better states of being.

Finding solace, and regaining YOUR inner strength isn't about positive thinking; it is all about FEELING BETTER

Unlock the real power of love to heal you, raise you up and lift your spirits so you can shine. 

Let's get ENERGY RICHER with The Power of the Positives!


The Power of The Positives by Silvia Hartmann

The Power Of The Positives is a high energy, powerful, professional program in 12 parts designed to make YOU energy richer in your real life!

Each of the 12 chapters gives to you:

  • NEW methods & techniques to inspire and motivate you;
  • Powerful, unique CREATIVE exercises you can do right away to feel better;
  • Beautiful STORIES that will stay with you forever;
  • Exciting and UPLIFTING insights and AHA! Moments;
  • Personal EXPERIENCES that will help you grow;
  • Unconditional POSITIVE support for YOU throughout;
  • A treasure trove of ideas and EXAMPLES to help others feel better as well. 

Includes 36 AWESOME Positive Energy Self Help Exercises

written out clearly, step by step, 

for YOU to enjoy and to share with friends, family and therapy clients too. 


Let's Get Energy Richer -

Let's Activate The POWER OF LOVE

With The Power Of The Positives!


12 Bonus Video Presentations with Silvia Hartmann

Special First Edition Bonus No. 1:

The Power Of The Positives 12 Video Box Set

Buy YOUR Power of the Positives today and you will also receive instant access to The Power Of The Positives 12 Part Video course!

  • Join Silvia Hartmann herself as she brings the beautiful exercises to life and raises your energy. 
  • Watch, learn and be uplifted and inspired on your computer, your tablet, TV or on the go on your phone. 
  • Bookmark your favourite energy exercises and meditations for instant access at any time. 
  • Play any of the videos at any time you need uplifting and support - gain your high energy treasure trove for life!


Special Report Power of The Positives 2017

Special First Edition Bonus No. 2: 

Silvia Hartmann's Special GoE Report 2017

Buy YOUR Power of the Positives today and you will receive instant access to the 2017 Special Report for The Guild of Energists by Silvia Hartmann. 

This illustrated report for experienced energists contains important background information plus more advanced applications of The Power of the Positives. 


The Power Of The Positives - What's Inside?


Go BEYOND Positive Thinking.

Go BEYOND Positive Psychology. 

Unlock the real POWER of LOVE 

so YOU can start to shine more brightly!


The Power of The Positives by Silvia Hartmann

The Power Of The Positives

by Silvia Hartmann

Creator of Modern Energy

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