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The Appollonius Quartet: Improve Psychic Skills, Paranormal Abilities with Energy Hypnosis

The Appollonius Quartet

Paranormal abilities and psychic skills arise from a co-operation between the psychic circuitry, the energy system and the active neurology.

This exquisite set of hypnotic mind, body, spirit tools will SIGNIFICANTLY improve all aspects of psychic and paranormal performance by removing shields and blockages in these systems, healing existing injuries and laying out a pathway for practice, new learnings and self guided explorations.

Beautifully scripted, delivered with passion and with power, these truly unique inductions represent an amazing tool for restoring and USING the psychic circuitry, and to SIGNIFICANTLY enhance and improve all psychic skills across the board.

Created by StarFields for personal use, this is an extraordinary opportunity for those who are ready to develop their psychic skills beyond the average "hit and miss" approach, with logic, clarity, without nonsense and in absolute safety and certainty.

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This offer includes:

  • The Four Quarters - Four Separate, Powerful Metasong Energy Hypnosis Inductions which together form a fifth which is more than the sum of its parts;
  • The Complete Scripts book so you can work consciously with the materials too;
  • Accompanying eBook with background information on the psychic circuitry, FAQ and explicit step by step usage instructions.

Excellent value for money, this program designed to restore and activate the psychic circuitry can be used in the classic spiral fashion to lift you higher, and higher as your experience and capabilities grow.

Highly recommended.

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The Appollonius Quartet
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Five minute excerpt from The Appollonius Quartet, a unique programme to enhance psychic abilities and paranormal skills for practical...

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