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Project Sanctuary is easy, and fun. In this straightforward, friendly 15 min. free meditation in mp3 format Silvia Hartmann guides you through the process of setting up a "first Sanctuary". Use this a number of times, then join up the habitats!

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  This is a must reading for all those who are serious in making change in their life. I, for one, am definitely going to incorporate these principles in my own life and my professional work.  - Rev. Harpreet Sandhu
Read Review

  Project Sanctuary is a real tool, for real work, for real movement and change.  - Barbara Powell RNC, CHT, RM
Read Review

  I have changed in ways I would never had thought possible in such a short period of time.  - Helena, Sweden
Read Review

  It feels like I’m finally getting back in touch with my child self and the magic she believed in.  - Laura, 52, USA
Read Review

  Project Sanctuary is simply incredible and a joy to use  - Trev Holloway ww w.holistic-wellbeing.c om
Read Review

  The details of how others have used their sanctuaries, very inspiring. Thank you so much for a brilliant and inspiring 'experience' that is more than just a book! 
Read Review

  Although I had some experience with fantasy/visualization and exposure to Grovian metaphor work, I had no idea how to really put it all together or how to have fun with it!  - Lisa age 49, USA
Read Review

  How have I used the Project Sanctuary approaches so far? With enjoyment, wonder and gratitude that I have my magic back.  - Veronica, 52, USA
Read Review

  An eye opener! I had never even considered the fact that I can stay in my safe place for as long as I liked, use it to heal, and change the fabric of my mental reality!  - Alex age 33 USA
Read Review

  Thank you so much for a brilliant book, just this one experience has made it more than worth buying it...  - Cheryl
Read Review

  Project Sanctuary is was one of the most freeing, validating things I have ever read. THANKS.  - Valerie Collins
Read Review

  I ADORE Project Sanctuary!!!  - J
Read Review

  Silvia Hartmann has written a veritable cornucopia of ideas about how to begin to explore the powerful domains of our own minds and the minds of our clients.  - Stephanie Rothman-Stickney, CHT
Read Review

  What fascinating ideas and information! I especially enjoyed reading about the experiences of the author's clients. Within the first few pages of reading I implemented some of the ideas with my own clients to good effect.  - Katherine Zimmerman, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Author , Reiki Master, EFT Trainer 910 Florin Rd., Ste 107 Sacramento, CA 95831, USA http://www.trance time.com
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  I adore PS. I'm an INFP. It is such a fabulous way to get answers, and new solutions.  - Debbie Hazelton
Read Review

  What do we do when we get stuck? When we have no answers? When there is nowhere else to turn? We do 'Project Sanctuary'. Of course. What else?  - Nicola Quinn
Read Review

  I can learn and explore more of life in an afternoon in sanctuary than I can in months at university.  - Helen McMillan
Read Review

  I found your book to be an excellent source of information that will help many people come to a new understanding of how things work.  - Ken Hetherington
Read Review

  This is not an experience I have had before with any book to this degree; I can only conclude that your use of the processes of languaging is nothing short of masterful.  - Bob Newbury, PhD
Read Review

  Silvia has translated the presuppositions and change patterns of NLP into clear, meaningful language, primarily through her wonderful use of language and metaphors.  - Michael C. Pollack, Ph.D., CCHT San Francisco, California, USA
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