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http://1-eft.com  Further information about EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques
http://1-Healing.com  1-healing.com, a site all about healing with lots of information about healing, healing books, healing courses, meditations and more!
http://1-nlp.com/  Advanced NLP with Dr. Silvia Hartmann, PhD
http://123EFT.com  Further information about EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques
http://alexkent.com/  Alex Kent homesite. Alex Kent is the managing director of DragonRising Publishing
http://Ananga.net  Ayurvedic energy healing, sonic solutions and great tips for every day successful living with master healer and composer Ananga Sivyer.
http://aromatherapy4soul.com/  Dr Silvia Hartmann's aromatherapy website, based on her books "Aromatherapy For Your Soul" and "Creative Aromatherapy". This website also features the famous Magic Bottle.
http://EmotionsAndFeelings.com  EmotionsAndFeelings.com contains many quality articles on Emotions and Feelings, including subjects such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, love pain, curing crushes, etc.
http://EmoTrance.com  The official EmoTrance website featuring fantastic articles, practitioner listings, EmoTrance events and the latest news and information from the world of this fantastic theraputic technique
http://HypnoDreams.org  FREE & Premium Energy Hypnosis CDs and MP3s, Meditation CDs and MP3s download, FREE Energy Hypnosis Script eBook plus further information about the fantastic HypnoDreams series by Silvia Hartmann & Ananga SivyerEnergy Hypnosis and "Lucid Sanctuary State" hypnosis are keywords in Silvia Hartmann's and Ananga Sivyer's revolutionary energy healing with hypnotic sounds and visions. Streaming sequences of energy frequencies unlock and nourish the energy system, and especially the astral system (psychic circuitry). HypnoDreams TM, HypnoSolutions TM and Sonic Solutions TM are perfect remedies, stimulants, soothers, restorers and catalysts to develop more overall mind/bod/spirit connection and communication, to enhance intelligence, creativity, intuition and psychic abilities, and to put us in a place where we can begin to dream different dreams altogether.
http://links-directory.eu  StarFields links directory
http://magic-spells-and-potions.com  Fantastic energy magic spells, rituals, potions, meditations plus free online divination tarot, i ching, essences, runes. All safe for beginners and from a place of love.
http://Michael-Millett.com  Transpersonal therapy, clinical hypnotherapy, news, views and metaphysical personal development with London's Dr Michael Millett.
http://NicolaQuinn.com  Energy Master Healer, Teacher and Author Nicola Quinn shares information on tachyon energy, environmental energy, meridian energy therapies and EmoTrance.
http://ProjectSanctuary.com  Play the greatest game on Earth - enhance intelligence, creativity, unlock psychic skills and go truly transcendental with the fabulous quantum logic trainer Project Sanctuary by Silvia Hartmann.
http://Sidereus.org  For News, Online Trainings & Articles by Silvia Hartmann
http://SilviaHartmann.com  Dr Silvia Hartmann's homesite featuring hundreds if not thousands of articles, tips and techniques for anyone interested in personal development, healing and magic.
http://Simon-Mitchell.com  Magical recipes, wild living, herbs and fascinating stories with Author and Innovator Simon Mitchell.
http://Spirit-Animal.net  Information on the spirit of animals, including articles and information on animals spirits, healing and people spirit animals
http://StarFields.net  The StarFields Network syndication and news portal - all the news from the StarFields Network at a glance.
http://Starfields.org  Visit Starfields.org for A Full Online Catalogue of Manuals & Trainings with Silvia Hartmann
http://Starfields.org/subscribe.htm  Subscribe to the SFI Mailing list & receive announcements
http://TheAMT.com  The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies award winning website containing News, Articles, Information about trainings, Practitioner listings, Free downloads and more!
http://TheAMT.com/eft_practitioners/  EFT practitioner listing
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