Aromatherapy For Your Soul: Powerful Energy Healing & Evolution For The Modern Energist

Silvia Hartmann
Aromatherapy For Your Soul

The Aromatherapy For Your Soul collection by Silvia Hartmann comes in 3 comprehensive parts:

  • Aromatherapy For Your Soul - Guide to 121 Aromatherapy Essential Oils & explains their purposes for our energetic, spiritual and emtotional health in a totally different way
  • Creative Aromatherapy - Learn how to get the most out of your essential oils and light up your energy awareness
  • The Magic Garden Meditation - A guided meditation to take a walk in your own healing sanctuary and discover the perfect healing plant just for you


Aromatherapy For Your Soul

Aromatherapy for Your Soul Cover

This wonderful book introduces 121 stunning Aromatherapy Essential Oils & explains their purposes for our energetic, spiritual and emotional health in a totally different way.

Take your love of Aromatherapy to the next level and discover the enchanted world of Aroma Energy - Aromatherapy For YOUR Soul.

Learn to use Essential Oils to fill your deepest desires, still ancient hungers and delight you, transform your daily life and bring you rich wisdom, luxury, protection and the most wonderful stimulation of all your systems.

Contains beautiful images, and 121 original metaphor teaching stories for all ages.

A fantastic resource for Modern Energists!


Creative Aromatherapy

Creative Aromatherapy

Let aromatherapy essentials really come to life and become a powerful force of good in your incarnation!

Silvia Hartmann will teach you how you can get the very best out of your own essentials with simple, easy and quick exercises that light up your energy awareness and brilliant, innovative and ingenious ways to really use essentials in a whole new way.

Find out all about:

  • AcuAroma - POWERFUL changes for your energy body using the energy body's main arteries using a simple and easy system complete with charts & full "How To" instructions;
  • Aroma Energy Crystals - Ingenious ideas to combine the power of crystals & Essentials to create AMAZING generators for health, luck and love;
  • Aroma Energy Symbols - Let's get really magical - and even a little primal ...
  • Aroma Energy Parties - No, not the type where someone sells you essentials, but the essentials having a party - and you're the guest of honour!
  • Overcoming Aromaphobia - Yes, everyone is a little scared of the essentials. Find out about the three top obstacles that stop people in their tracks, learn to notice and overcome aromaphobia and gain a much, MUCH closer relationship with your very own "genies in the bottle".
  • Aroma Energy Sleep Rituals - How you can awaken your energy mind for better sleep, lucid dreaming and heightened psychic awareness;
  • Aroma Energy Charms - Find out how you can make AMAZING aroma energy charms for protection, luck, love and more - it's easy if you know how;
  • Aroma Meditations - Discover your own magic garden and learn to use this amazing place in space and time for learning more about the essentials, for stress release, deep spiritual healing and to gain MORE energy for life;

... and many other fabulous ways to enrich your life with the power of the essentials - at little cost and with AMAZING results.


The Magic Garden Meditation

Magic Garden Meditation

Walk in your own enchanted, magical garden full of vibrant plants, herbs and flowers to find YOUR perfect healing plant!

This BEAUTIFUL and powerful energy meditation, especially created by Silvia Hartmann will help you feel, see and sense the amazing resonant energies of the plant kingdom, and to connect deeply and powerfully with the essentials themselves.

A perfect quarter hour of deepest relaxation, wonderful lucid dreaming and absolutely amazing energy experiences you can access whenever YOU need a special magic plant from your very own magical garden.

Each time you take this amazing journey, you will find a NEW and different plant that will bring you EXACTLY what you need, right there and then - perfectly aligned, brought to you by your highest aspects, and totally unique FOR YOU.

Please note: The MAGIC Garden may contain the essences of plants that cannot be found on this planet at this time!


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