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Champagne Turquoise: Shamanic, energetic, hypnotic weightloss & fitness guided meditation

by Silvia Hartmann
Champagne Turquoise

Silvia Hartmann's acclaimed Champagne Turquoise - The NEW Shamanic, Autogenic, Energetic, Hypnotic Weightloss & Fitness guided meditation. A full, daily 30 minute "mind, body, spirit workout" that is deeply enjoyable, beneficial, relaxing, feels good, and that you can enjoy at any time, regardless of their levels of current fitness.

  • Rekindle your excitement about losing weight
  • Fire up your desire for having a healthy body
  • Supplement your existing diet & exercise programmes
  • Supercharge your will power and determination
  • Reach the parts that weight loss programmes cannot reach ...

Enter the magical dimensions of a healing river, deep underground - here, you can find release, endless support, loving embrace and so much more.

Here, there are nutrients, essences, energies and ancient wisdom to give your energy body what it has been hungering for, all this time.

Here is cleansing, deep level purification and absolution, too.

Here is rest, buoyancy and recovery, deepest stress release.

Here is energy, awakening; here is recharging, the joy of movement, the excitement of flow, regained.

And here is the starting point to awaken the sleeping parts of your energy system to come back on line so that your body can come back into Even Flow, and natural harmony as well.


... with Silvia Hartmann's

NEW Shamanic, Autogenic, Energetic, Psycho-Active, Hypnotic

Health & Weightloss Supplement: "Champagne Turquoise"

A Beautiful Healing Experience For Mind, Spirit - And Body!

Available as a quality MP3 download (36MB, large file!) or on Stereo Audio CD for postal delivery.

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Champagne Turquoise
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