Champagne Turquoise: Give Your Amazing Energy Body Some Love!

Silvia Hartmann
Champagne Turquoise

Silvia Hartmann's beautiful Modern Energy Meditation Champagne Turquoise - designed to make your energy body happier, healthier and to sparkle and shine. Wonderfully relaxing, energizing and deliciously awakening, your energy body will thank you for this in many surprising ways!

Fantastic Energy Nutrition

Awesome Energy Experiences

for your happy, healthy Energy Body!

All change starts from the energy body up!

Yet the energy body is constantly being ignored when it comes to health and fitness.

Give YOUR energy body a real treat for a change

with Silvia Hartmann's delicious

Champagne Turquoise

Champagne Turquoise cover

Enter the magical dimensions of a healing river, deep underground - here, you can find release, endless support, loving embrace and so much more.

Here, there are nutrients, essences, energies and ancient wisdom to give your energy body what it has been hungering for, all this time.

Here is cleansing, deep level purification and absolution, too.

Here is rest, buoyancy and recovery, deepest stress release.

Here is energy, awakening; here is recharging, the joy of movement, the excitement of flow, regained.


Give YOUR energy body some love -

give YOUR energy body just 30 minutes, once a week,

to experience this delightful, energy body health and fitness centred

Modern Energy Meditation!


De-Stress, Strengthen & Revitalise

Your Beautiful Energy Body ...

... with Silvia Hartmann's

Gorgeous Modern Energy Meditation

"Champagne Turquoise"

Lovely lady delightedly immersed in listening to champagne turquoise

A Beautiful Uplifting Experience For YOUR Amazing Energy Body!

Available as a quality MP3 to enjoy more and more profoundly with every use.

A fabulous energy tonic that gets better and better.

Give your energy body some love and attention -

it will reward you in the most wonderful ways.




DragonRising Radio Show.mp3

Hosted by Alex Kent, the DragonRising Radio Show is your definitive guide to our magical Energy Meditation products.

HypnoSolutions Champagne Turquoise 50 Second Demo.mp3

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