Energy Healing For Animals (EHA) Distance Learning Course: Certified Energy Healer For Animals

by Barbara Saph & Silvia Hartmann
Energy Healing For Animals (EHA) Distance Learning Course

This in depth, professional course by Silvia Hartmann is for those wishing to become a Certified Energy Healer For Animals in Eight Units. This course is designed to give the successful student the skills, knowledge, abilities and confidence step by step so that upon completion, the successful student can positively and confidently offer their services as a PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL ENERGY HEALER - and make a real difference in the lives of animals and the people that work with them.

UPDATE: This is the new and updated version of Silvia Hartmann's Energy Healing For Animals distance learning course.
  • Course Tutor: Barbara Saph
  • Course Units: 8
  • Estimated Study Time: 3 months to 6 months (depending on your commitments)
  • Included Study Time: 12 months (purchase an additional six month extension for £75.00 GBP)

 Silvia Hartmann's Energy Healing For Animals - Distance Learning Course with The GoE

Energy Healing For Animals

Created by Silvia Hartmann


Professional Online Distance Training Course Of Eight Units

Leading To Accredited Certification by The GoE as a

Certified Energy Healer For Animals


Energy Healing For AnimalsThis course will teach you:

  • How to do real energy healing for ANY animal
  • How to interact with animal owners
  • How to promote yourself as a professional energist

You will further learn:

  • Hands on animal healing
  • Energy field healing
  • Distance healing
  • Energy potion making
  • Prayer healing

You will discover:

  • How to work with energetic occurrences
  • How to transform energetic relationships
  • How to raise, evoke and handle powerful healing energies
  • How to keep yourself safe, supported and protected

This course will give you:

  • Confidence, security and certainty in your energy work
  • The tools you need to your own energy under control
  • Practical, hands on experience with animals of your choice
  • Ongoing professional, helpful and personal tutor supported 


Letter From Silvia Hartmann - Creator of Energy Healing For Animals

Silvia Hartmann

Dear prospective student!

I am best known for my work with people, modern energy work and advanced creativity, but what many people don't know is that I used to work as a behaviour specialist with animals and their owners for many years.

When I came into the "people field," it became more and more clear to me that having worked with animals for all this time was the BEST education I could ever have received.

Animals don't lie, they don't make up stories, they don't play games.

When they are unhappy in mind, body or spirit, they will let you know. And quite frankly, I now advise people who are interested in learning energy healing for humans to start with animals, because that's a much safer path - you get proper, reality based feedback on what you are doing.

When you are doing energy work with a horse that was all tense and tight, and you can feel that energy rising and a few seconds later, the horse breathes out this long sigh of relief, and you can see how its spine is stretching out, the whole animal is relaxing all over and closing its eyes - well, then you know exactly what you have just done.

You've made a change, you made a difference to this animal.

It's an extraordinary sensation for "the healer" and each and every time this happens, you know that you are learning, you are evolving, and you are doing an amazing thing that is never second best to either being a vet, or a people healer.

Then people tell you of the amazing changes that happened in the animal's behaviour, in its health, in its relationships ...

Frankly, I see that as nothing but a beneficial side effect.


When this spirit is injured, hurt, damaged, the animal suffers in a very different way from "physical illness."

As energy healers for animals, we don't fix broken bones or promise miracles of physical healing.

We might be the only ones, ever, who have tried to do something for that animal's spirit.

It's a wonderful thing, a holy thing - and oh! so, so much needed in the world today.

I would love for you to "go out there and do that energy thing" - that's what this course is about.

It's about understanding and certainty about what you're doing, what you are promising, what you can achieve; and it is about the practical applications of going out into the real world, head held high, as a real Energy Healer For Animals.

If animals are your passion, and if you understand what I've said here, not with your head so much as with your heart, then I encourage you to go forth, do this course, gain your certification, put your cards in pet shop windows and go help animals in spiritual - energetic! - distress.

Bring more light and love into the world, and in so doing, transform yourself with the help of the animals you encounter on your path.

It's a most wonderful journey to take.

With my best wishes and my love, respect and gratitude to the animals of the world,

Silvia HartmannSilvia

Silvia Hartmann

Trainings Director, The Guild of Energists

Creator, Energy Healing For Animals 


Energy Healing For Animals was created by Silvia Hartmann, Trainings Director of The Guild of Energists, author of Energy EFT, EMO Energy In Motion and Infinite Creativity.

This is a beautiful course for all who love animals.

This course is designed to make it easy and natural to learn.

This is a practical course for down-to-earth people, wanting to work with animals in the real world.

The units and exercises are concise and to the point.

To be an amazing energy healer for animals, you have to have your heart in the right place.


About Your Tutor - Barbara Saph

Barbara Saph - GoE Energist TrainerBarbara Saph is an experienced GoE Trainer's Trainer and has been teaching Energy EFT, Positive EFT and EMO Energy in Motion from Southampton, UK since 2008.

"I have had a great love and affinity with animals all of my life, I find them fascinating, elegant and beautiful on so many levels. If you fully allow animals energetically into your life the results can be life changing," said Barbara.

"I would dearly love to help people begin to develop a deeper understanding of animals and find a way to live and work with them in harmony so both have more enjoyment in life."

To read more of Barbara's thoughts about the course, and more of her history with animals, click here. To contact Barabara about the course, click here.


Energy Healing For Animals by Silvia Hartmann The course fee includes:

  • Eight involved and exciting units
  • Full personal tutor support from GoE Energist Trainer Barbara Saph
  • Professional Energy Healing for Animals certificate on completion of the course
  • Inclusion in the professional animal healing register
  • Standard Membership of The GoE whilst you are studying
  • On completion of the course, your GoE membership will be upgraded to Professional for a year. Click here to see a full list of membership benefits

Course Information:

  • Course Tutor: Barbara Saph
  • Course Units: 8
  • Estimated Study Time: 3 months to 6 months (depending on your commitments)
  • Maximum Study Time: 12 months


If you have the heartfelt desire to heal animals,

you have found the right course. 


Start your Energy Healing for Animals journey TODAY.


GoE Energy Healing For Animals Course  


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