Energy Healing For Animals (EHA) Distance Learning Course: Certified Energy Healer For Animals

Silvia Hartmann & Zoe Hobden
Energy Healing For Animals (EHA) Distance Learning Course

NEW - This beautiful Modern Energy based distance learning course created by Silvia Hartmann will give you the skills, knowledge, abilities and confidence so that you can positively and confidently offer your services as a PROFESSIONAL ENERGY HEALER FOR ANIMALS.  

The Professional 

Energy Healer For Animals

Certification Course

Created by Silvia Hartmann exclusively for The GoE

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Professional Online Distance Training Course Of Eight Units

with Tutor Support

Leading To Accredited Certification by The GoE as a

Certified Energy Healer For Animals


Animal Healing Course by the GoE Energy Healing For Animals


Animals also have a living, radiant energy body.

Just as is the case with human beings, these living energy bodies have never been properly addressed or taken care of.

There are few health problems or behaviour problems that do not have an energy component, which, if it was addressed, would make the animal "happier."

If you love animals with all your heart, this is the perfect course for you.

This unique and powerful Professional Animal Energy Healing Course was written by Silvia Hartmann, Creator of Modern Energy and author of "EMO Energy In Motion."

The Energy Healing For Animals Course was created to:

  • Give the student the experiences they need to significantly enhance their energy intuition and their unique healing powers.
  • Give the student the essential confidence and security to do animal energy healing as a professional practitioner.
  • Teach the very best energy healing methods, techniques and approaches for animals available anywhere in the world today,
  • Allow the student to expand their inner strength and certainty in approaching animal energy healing.
  • Support the student throughout with personal tutor feedback, interaction and encouragement.

Each course units consists of succinct essential information and beautiful energy exercises which will improve and expand your abilities to do real animal energy healing step by step, leading to your official certification as a Professional Energy Healer For Animals by the GoE.

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Energy Healing For Animals Course Units

This beautiful course will prepare you for the practical challenges of being a professional Energy Healer For Animals in the real world.

Offered to EMO Energy In Motion Masters, this is a perfect extension into the realms of pure energy healing for the animal and its environment.

The course contains:

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 1 - It's All About LOVE!

Activating the greatest power in the Multiverse through the LOVE YOU have for animals. These love based energy streams are the most powerful form of energy healing we are capable of generating. 

2 - Your Sixth Sense

As animals can't talk, we need to learn to use our 6th Sense to guide us through our animal energy healing sessions. This is perfect evolution for any energy healer and will take your energy intelligence and healing power to the next level. 

3 - The Gift

The Gift allows us to create extremely complex and finely aligned energy cocktails for likewise, very specific purposes and situations. When The Gift is targeted to help an animal's living energy body in context with its environments, beautiful healing experiences result.

4 - The Joy Of Healing

When we do energy healing right, it isn't just effective and impactful for the recipient, but it becomes a truly joyful experience for the healer. This is our aim and guide in all animal energy healing - to discover the joy of healing in our own lived experience.

5 - Animal MET

Modern Energy Tapping (MET) engages the Power of the Positives, and in this unit, we explore the many applications for using Animal MET in the professional Animal Energy Healing practise. 

6 - The Love Spiral

Animals with their living energy bodies do not exist in isolation, and often, there are environmental circumstances, which may include the owners and caretakers, which need to be addressed to help the animal. This has often been a source of heartache for professional animal energy healers, and this problem is addressed through The Love Spiral method. 

7 - The Healing Star

This unit is about creating ongoing energy healing objects and artefacts, and energy prescriptions for the owners, so that energy healing and support for the animal may continue to take place after the healer goes home. 

8 - The Immmortal Beloved

As professional animal energy healers, we will encounter animals in their final stages of life, as well as distraught owners who need help to cope with pre-bereavement, bereavement and post-bereavement. Transforming grief to eternal love is a gift we have to give as Modern Energy Healers for Animals, and how to do this is addressed in this unit. 

Bonus Unit - The Professional Energy Healer For Animals

Getting To Know YOUR Business Entity and be guided through all you need to get you started as a Professional Energy Healer for Animals!


All together, the 8 course units will create a pathway of personal experience

to grow and expand YOUR healing abilities

to empower you and to give YOU the confidence

to go forth and help animals as a

Professional Energy Healer For Animals 


Course Tutor

Course tutor Zoe Hobden is an dedicated member of the GoE team, with over 10 years experience in Modern Energy and a life long passion for animals. She also has a BSc in Animal Behaviour!

Zoe writes:

I am incredibly privileged to be the tutor for this course. It combines everything I am passionate about - animals, modern energy and making both people and animals happier.

I very much look forward to working with every person who takes this course and wants to change the lives of the animals in their world for the better.

Silvia Hartmann Masterclasses 2023

Course Information:

  • Course Price (all inclusive): £497 GBP
  • Pre-Requiste: Modern Energy Foundation Course (included)
  • Course Tutor: Zoe Hobden
  • Course Units: 8 (plus Bonus Unit)
  • Estimated Study Time: 8 weeks
  • Maximum Study Time: 12 months
  • Any questions Contact us!


** Please note this course is in English however we are happy to offer this course in any language. The course units and communication between student and tutor is written, and can therefore be offered with translations using google translate.


Start your Energy Healing for Animals journey TODAY.

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