Sidereus Reiki 1 Healer: Correspondence Training Programme

Nicola Quinn
Sidereus Reiki 1 Healer

Learn the secrets of a three thousand year old system of healing in the comfort of your own home. There are no prerequisites, just a deep desire to heal. After four distant attunements Reiki healing energy will flow from your hands, wherever and whenever you need it by simply placing your hands on yourself or another. Once attuned Reiki flows out of your hands for life, no more attunements are necessary - you have become a Reiki Healer. Available with or without tutor support.

  • Course Tutor:Β Nicola Quinn
  • Course Units: 4
  • Estimated Study Time: 1 months to 3 months (depending on your commitments)
  • Maximum Study Time: 18 months

Certification Through
The Sidereus Foundation

Created and Written by
Nicola Quinn

β€œReiki changed my life and it can change yours too.

Many people have told me that their Reiki attunements started them on their spiritual journey and have helped to heal old wounds and relationships as well as healing the physical but for me it was much simpler than that.

Reiki gave me a sense of control over my life where it had been lacking before.

And just having the healing force of the universe at your fingertips has a profound effect on the way you see yourself!

Simply thinking about Reiki at this moment I can feel a stream of warm energy flowing spontaneously from my hands and just knowing it is there whenever I need it gives me great comfort.

Reiki calms you when you are feeling stressed, lifts you when you are feeling low, and all this on top of the amazing ability to heal, from minor injuries to major traumas to the body.

As you become more experienced you will find countless ways to use Reiki and will wonder how you ever managed without it!

My Reiki Master spotted an extra special gift I have for profoundly connecting with another during distant healing and it is that deep connection I make that allows me to perform powerful attunements distantly.

I take each student into Sanctuary for the advanced distant quantum initiations and am assisted by Dr. Usui himself who has given me his blessing in this endeavour so I may reach out and help so many more on this earth with their healing in this unique way.

Sometimes people suffer from what has been termed the Reiki sickness, months of uncomfortable side effects as I had suffered, though now we have EmoTrance to prepare the energy system before attunements this is no longer a worry for me and is another reason I am able to confidently offer this course to you today to assist you in your healing and personal growth.

I am very happy and proud to be presenting this Reiki Healer Course and hope you will join me on this journey of discovery and healing.β€œ

Nicola Quinn,
Reiki Master

MET Master Trainer
Co-Creator, EmoTrance Energy Healing


For Your One Time Tuition Fee Payment, You Will Receive:

    • 4 powerful Reiki 1 attunements created by internationally renowned Energy Therapies Trainer and Reiki Master Nicola Quinn
    • The Unique Reiki Meditation
    • 4 Instructional Units containing the essential knowledge to prepare you for your Reiki Attunement, Initiation, and Certification.
    • Distant Healing and continuing mentoring and supervision right up to your Reiki Attunement
    • Full accreditation and certification by The Sidereus Foundation
    • Certificate bearing your name and the official seal
    • One year membership of the Sidereus Foundation
    • Listing in the Reiki Healers directory


Topics Covered Include:


  • The Gift of Reiki: Reiki Explained
  • The History of Reiki and the Usui System of Natural Healing
  • The Five Sacred Reiki Principles
  • How To Supercharge Your Life With the Power of Universal Life Force Energy
  • The Secrets of First Degree Reiki Attunements
  • Simple Ways to Prepare for the Sacred Attunements
  • EmoTrance: The Simplest Most Effective Method to Clear Emotional Blocks
  • The Choice: I Am A Healer
  • Easy Ways to Strengthen Mind and Body
  • The Power of Second Degree Attunements
  • Confidence to Give Reiki to Loved Ones and Clients
  • The Bliss of Self Treatment
  • The Joy of Giving and Receiving Reiki at the Same Time
  • EmoTrance and Reiki: Perfect Companions for Powerful Healing
  • Professional Reiki Treatment Tips
  • Creating a Sacred Reiki Space
  • Reiki Short Treatment Protocol: Effective Relief in Emergencies
  • Informative Reiki Reference Charts
  • The Physical and Etheric Bodies
  • Our Organs and Endocrine Glands
  • The Chakra System
  • Mind/Body Correlations
  • Reiki Attunement & Final Certification

Course Details

(Only Applicable with Optional Online Tutoring Which Includes Attunements)

Title: Sidereus Reiki I Healer Training
Content: Custom Designed Training to Teach the Theory and Practice of Reiki and Attune to the First Degree.
Trainer: Nicola Quinn
Category: Professional Training
Format: Web Based Training of 4 Modules, Meditation mp3 plus 4 Attunements
Delivery: Units Instantly Available plus 4 Distant Attunements 1 Week After Enrolment.

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