Sidereus Story Teller: Correspondence Training Programme

Silvia Hartmann
Sidereus Story Teller
Professional Training Course in Story Telling researched, written & developed by Silvia Hartmann. Available with or without tutor support.

What, exactly, is a "Story Teller"? What do they do?

Now many of us have been taught and entrained, over and over, to keep detached, separate, unemotional and Spock-like at all times and most especially, in human interactions.

We have been given the model of the boring, droning university lecturer who covers his students in the fine pale dust of the ages as he expounds upon fact after fact.

The models we were given as teachers and trainers were โ€œprofessionalsโ€ in shirts and ties, slapping their pointers at a flip chart or telling you to turn to โ€œpage 19 in your manualโ€ for yet another set of statistics.

That is perfectly fine for those who do that kind of thing but the forms of communication weโ€™re looking at here are nothing like that.

We are looking at the battle speech of Henry V before Agincourt.

We are talking Martin Luther, Martin Luther King, Seneca, Joan of Arc and Florence Nightingale, men and women who stood up and spoke with a passion and with tears in their eyes of anger and of love, who touched the hearts of those who heard them and left an indelible expression upon them, and remain with us until this day.

These are the masters of our guild and our role models, people who felt deeply and found the courage to express that to others around them.

It is my desire that as we continue with this course, you will allow yourself to begin to access your own deeply felt emotions on those subjects that are most important to you and as you do, your passion and your compassion will reach the parts of hearts and minds that may have never been touched at all, and there help to produce profound flowering, growth and healing.

Who wants to take part in this training?

  • This course is especially for those who have a sense of the inordinate power of human expression and creativity and would like to find out just how much further they can go.
  • Authors, writers, and artists who wish to supercharge their creativity self expression abilities;
  • Public speakers who wish to be able to really touch and move any audience with their voice, with their words, and their message.
  • NLP/Language students who know they are ready to take a step into the vast dimensions beyond mere "language patterns" and want to really integrate intention and expression in unstoppable congruency;
  • Healers, teachers and therapists who wish to understand the modality of change by word and creative intention and thus add a whole new dimension to their interactions with individual clients and with groups.
  • All Sidereus Students - the Story Teller represents a unique realm of essential exercises and techniques that are not covered in any other training or manual, especially relating to touching the Creative and being able to communicate with clarity and integrity, all levels aligned. Written, researched and designed by Silvia Hartmann, this is an extra-ordinary and entirely unique training that goes way, way beyond what you might have ever learned about in communications excellence.

    Dr Hartmann understands the power of transmission of ideas, of energies, of thoughts and feelings via the medium of creating magnificent landscapes in the listener's mind.

    One of the world's foremost experts on applied General Semantics, Neuro-Linguistics, Hypnotic, Energetic and Multi-Level Communications, here is your opportunity to learn from a true master - in the most personal and custom made way ever designed for a single student.

    Dr Hartmann's outstanding quantum training designs don't teach by pouring knowledge into an empty vessel but instead, creates a platform upon which you meet with the material, and as you make it your own in every way, and respond with your very own and unique individuality, you - YOU! - will learn what is RIGHT for you, what YOU need to move forward and into a whole new realm of communications excellence, confidence and possibility.

    NO Previous Experience Required!

    The Story Teller is absolutely unique and contains specially developed techniques, devices, methods and exercises to have you become confident in your experience of creation, manifestation and expression.

    The Story Teller is taught from the ground up and does not require any previous experience of NLP, Neuro-Semantics, Advanced Languaging Techniques, Hypnosis, Energy Hypnosis or Creative Writing and Expression.

    Any human who can read this page can do this course, but be warned:

    Although The Story Teller consists of only 8 module units, it is an INTENSIVE course that contains a large number of practical exercises that WILL change your effectiveness, understand and confidence as a communicator of YOUR OWN ideas.

    Course Details

    (Only Applicable with Optional Online Tutoring)

    Title: Professional Training Course in Story Telling
    Trainer: Silvia Hartmann PhD
    Category: Professional Training
    Format: 8 Units: Lecture, Information & Exercises Plus Separate Assignments
    Delivery: Units Made Available on Completion of Assignments of Previous Module
    Certification Fee: ยฃ30.00 (optional)

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