Energy EFT Master Practitioner - DVD Set: The Most Advanced Energy EFT Knowledge Available Today

Silvia Hartmann
Energy EFT Master Practitioner - DVD Set

In March 2012, Silvia Hartmann (chair of The GoE & author β€œEnergy EFT”) conducted a 3 day Energy EFT Master Practitioner live training near London Gatwick and DragonRising took along our cameras to record the magic which was to unfold. This is now available as a 12 Unit Video Download, containing over 8 hours of footage and includes all 12 units from the course.

Note: This is the most advanced EFT training available so is only suitable for those who really want to push the boundaries of modern energy work utilising EFT. If you are a beginner, we recommend you first purchase the book β€œEnergy EFT” by Silvia Hartmann, or enrol on the β€œEnergy EFT Master Practitioner” home study course which comes with the Video Downloads and full tutor support.

All 12 units of the Energy EFT Master Practitioner syllabus are included:

Level 1 - Basic Professional EFT

01: Teaching EFT - 45 minutes (more info)
02: Energy Body Stress - 42 minutes
03: The EFT Story - 35 minutes
04: The Professional & Ethical EFT Practitioner - 38 minutes

Level 2: Intermediate Professional EFT

05: Extremely Focused Treatments - 40 minutes
06: Working with Aspects - 29 minutes
07: Emotions - 49 minutes
08: Energy Body Events - 57 minutes

Level 3: Advanced Professional EFT

09: Mind Changes - 42 minutes
10: Energetic Relationships - 26 minutes
11: Autogenic Reality - 54 minutes
12: EFT Master Practitioner - 30 minutes

Total play time: 487 minutes - over 8 hours of concise, information packed EFT instruction, tips and techniques for professional EFT practitioners.

Further info on Unit 1 of 12

The first of twelve units probably contains enough information for most EFT self-helpers and those helping friends and family non-professionally. In this 45 minute presentation, Silvia Hartmann covers:

  • We Are Energists!
  • The Third Field
  • Helping the Citizen
  • What We Know About The Energy System
  • Working With The Clients Own Words
  • Throwing Away The Maps
  • Your Finger As a Magic Wand
  • The Rules of Energy
  • Energy is Not Subtle
  • How EFT Works
  • How to Tap Elegantly
  • The EFT Heart & Soul Tapping Protocol
  • Precision in EFT Setups
  • Compound Statements & Why We Avoid Them
  • Abbreviated Setups
  • Why We Tap on Ring Finger
  • Introducing the SUE Scale For Measuring Change To The Positive
  • Life Beyond Zero
  • The EFT Miracle & One Minute Wonder
  • The Healing Event
  • Improving the Energy Flow
  • Moving Forward on the SUE
  • How to Tell if the Problem is Responsive to Energy
  • The Ethical Promise of EFT
  • The Promise of the Professional EFT Practitioner


How To Obtain this 12 Unit Video Set

This Video Downloads are available as a bundle with the extremely comprehensive EFT Master Practitioner ManualΒ (table of contents), giving you a complete guide to working plus additional background information, further techniques and additional exercises.


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