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Energy EFT Master Practitioner - Skills Level 1: Practitioner Level

by Silvia Hartmann
Energy EFT Master Practitioner - Skills Level 1

The GoE's Energy EFT Master Practitioner training is our most popular course and has been taken by over a thousand people world-wide. To be an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, you need to either go on a live training or enrol on the distance learning course and complete all twelve units.

However, not everyone needs to be an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, which represents the highest level of Energy EFT knowledge currently available today. For many just Skills Level One, which is practitioner level information, will be an absolute game-changer as you'll learn how to master emotions, work with the SUE scale, understand stress on a whole new level and also get insights and tips into what makes an excellent professional energist.

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training - Skills Level One Includes

  • Positive EFT by Silvia Hartmann
  • Energy EFTMP SL1 Comprehensive training manual written by Silvia Hartmann
  • Energy EFTMP SL1 Live training videos presented by Silvia Hartmann (2 hours 40 minutes)

Get your money back! If after purchasing Skills Level One you fall in love with the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training and want to complete and be certified via the tutored distance learning course then we'll give you a full refund of your original purchase! T&C apply - Contact Us for more info.

Skills Level One Training Manual (Units 1 to 4)

The Energy EFT Master Practitioner - Skills Level One training manual by Silvia Hartmann is well written, easy to follow and full of tips and advice for anyone learning Energy EFT. You'll learn:

Unit One - Discovering EFT

Welcome To The EFT Master Practitioner Program
EFT: Emotional Freedom Techniques
Exercise: I Am An Energist!
How Does EFT Work?
What Kind Of Problems Can Be Addressed With EFT?
How Do We Know Which Problems Are In The Energy System?
What Kinds Of Problems Can Be Addressed With EFT?
Can All Problems Be Solved With EFT?
No Claim Of Cure
Responsible EFT Professional Conduct
Introducing The EFT Heart & Soul Protocol
The Set Up
The Points
The EFT Set Up
The EFT Reminder Phrase
The EFT Round
The Heart & Soul EFT Protocol
Stimulating The EFT Treatment Points
Tapping or Percussing
“Show & Feel” Is Better Than Just To Tell
Massaging The EFT Treatment Points
Holding The EFT Treatment Points
Exercise: Tapping, Massaging, Holding
Exercise: A First Round Of EFT
The SUE Scale
Using The SUE Scale
Exercise: Using The SUE Scale
The Healing Event
Moving Towards The Healing Event
What Is The Healing Event?
The Healing Event As A Challenge
Set Ups Towards The Healing Event
Exercise: Even More Energy!
EFT Tapping Tips
Basic EFT Treatment Flow - Summation
EFT Treatment Flow Chart
Falling In Love With EFT Energy Work

Unit Two - Reversing Energy Body Stress

Welcome To Unit Two
Treating Energy Blockages With EFT
Where Do Blockages In The Energy System Come From?
Energy System Stress
Important Notes on Energy Body Stress
Keeping The Client Stress Free
Building A Stress Free Path Into The Problem
Don't Tap On “Stress Talk”
Stress Talk -> Real Set Up Example
Exercise: The First Problem Story
How To De-Stress The Client
How To De-Stress The EFT Practitioner
The Outcome Of Real Stress Relief Is Not Feeling Nothing
Positive Feedback For Powerful Stress Relief
No Negative Feedback
De-Stressing Methods Other Than Further Rounds Of EFT
Breathing Right
Exercise: Reversing Energy Body Stress
Exercise: Feeling Better
Exercise: The EFTeam
The EFTeam
Paying Attention To The Client
What Is The Problem?
Unit Two Conclusion

Unit Three - The EFT Story

Welcome To Unit Three
The Set Up
The EFT Detective
Understanding “Tuning In”
Words For Set Ups
Using The Client's Own Words
The EFT Story Protocol
The Well Formed Story
How Do We Know What To Tap On First?
Words & Energy Body Stress Example
Avoiding Compound Set Ups
Working Through The Complete Story Protocol
Documenting The Story Protocol
Exercise: Marking Out Set Up Phrases
Exercise: The EFT Story Protocol
The Story Protocol As The First EFT Protocol
Unit Three Conclusion

Unit Four - The Professional EFT Practitioner

Welcome To Unit Four
Professional EFT: Quick Reminders
Working With EFT Professionally
EFT & The Law Of The Land
Record Keeping
The EFT Case Sheet
Treasure Your Case Sheets!
Client Confidentiality
Structure & Time In The EFT Session
Tapping EFT Professionally
Exercise: Controlling The EFTeam
Tapping EFT On The Client
Exercise: My Healing Hands
Exercise: Tapping On A Client
EFT Home Treatments
Closing The EFT Session
Handouts & Home Study Materials
Creating A Database Of Clients
Client Check Backs
The EFT Case Story
Tips On Writing An EFT Case Story
An Example EFT Case Story
Unit Four - Conclusion

Skills Level One Videos (Units 1 to 4)

Watch course author Silvia Hartmann present the four units comprising Skills Level One with the included videos. Whilst the Skills Level One training manual is totally comprehensive, you will gain unique insights and being able to follow the material more easily by watching the videos:

01: Teaching EFT - 45 minutes (more info)
02: Energy Body Stress - 42 minutes
03: The EFT Story - 35 minutes
04: The Professional & Ethical EFT Practitioner - 38 minutes

Further info on Unit 1 of 4

The first of the four units probably contains enough information for most EFT self-helpers and those helping friends and family non-professionally. In this 45 minute presentation, Silvia Hartmann covers:

  • We Are Energists!
  • The Third Field
  • Helping the Citizen
  • What We Know About The Energy System
  • Working With The Clients Own Words
  • Throwing Away The Maps
  • Your Finger As a Magic Wand
  • The Rules of Energy
  • Energy is Not Subtle
  • How EFT Works
  • How to Tap Elegantly
  • The EFT Heart & Soul Tapping Protocol
  • Precision in EFT Setups
  • Compound Statements & Why We Avoid Them
  • Abbreviated Setups
  • Why We Tap on Ring Finger
  • Introducing the SUE Scale For Measuring Change To The Positive
  • Life Beyond Zero
  • The EFT Miracle & One Minute Wonder
  • The Healing Event
  • Improving the Energy Flow
  • Moving Forward on the SUE
  • How to Tell if the Problem is Responsive to Energy
  • The Ethical Promise of EFT
  • The Promise of the Professional EFT Practitioner

Digital or Digital/DVD/Book/Manual Package?

The EFT Master Practitioner Skills Level One Training is available in two formats:

  • Digital Downloads Only - The training comes as downloads which are instantly available after purchase
  • Digital Downloads, DVDs, Training Manual & Book - You'll receive the 96 page printed course manual, four DVDs and also a printed copy of Positive EFT by Silvia Hartmann. Immediately after purchase you'll also be able to download all the training materials as digital downloads allowing you to get started straight away!

Important: Please note that this Energy EFT Master Practitioner Skills Level One training is for your personal interest only and does not give you the right to call yourself a practitioner or Master Practitioner. What you will learn is the basics of practicing Energy EFT professionally.

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