EMO Energy In Motion: Emotions, Energy, Information & Love

Silvia Hartmann
EMO Energy In Motion

Powerful information every person on this Earth needs to hear about. 15 years of EMO in theory and practice have taught us so much about energy, how it works with human emotion but also with thought and behaviour.

In this next-level book, you'll find the latest and best techniques, methods, cases and breakthrough insights into how people really work - and what we can do to create extraordinary events of healing and change for ourselves and for others.

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15 years of EMO (formerly EmoTrance) in theory and practice
15 years of the wisdom of hindsight
EMO just gets better and better!

EMO Energy In Motion:
Emotions, Energy, Information & Love

All Emotions Are Movements In The Energy Body.

This simple sentence is a revolution in the approach to all human emotions - and not just in the "control of negative emotions."

Human emotions are at the root of everything that human beings do, and it is in emotional currency we evaluate whether we are living good lives, or not.

Life isn't about money, it's all about feelings.

Feeling happy, feeling loved, feeling connected, feeling safe, feeling joyous -

that's what we're working for, that's what we strive towards, and that's what we want out of life.

EMO is the direct path to feeling those good emotions.

EMO works directly with the interface where we feel our emotions as REAL FEELINGS in the body.
If your heart is breaking - where do you feel that in your body? Show me with your hands.
Now we know where the pain is, now we can heal it.

But EMO goes further than that.

Once the injury is healed, emotions change - of course!
Instead of pain, we begin to feel peace at first, but then, as the energy flow improves and speeds up, the emotions change again - into positive emotions of joy, happiness, delight.
These are energized end states, and the real sign of emotional health and happiness.

EMO is a set of techniques that takes a person from pain through peace to joy.
This is done by pure and powerful energy work, putting the healing where it belongs - in the energy body.

But EMO is not just for healing the broken heart.
EMO shows us that ...

Energy is real.
It's all around us.
It is within us.
Energy has the power to make us happy or sad.

EMO gives us the tools we need to ...
understand how energy works
understand how energy affects us
show the simple cause and effect of emotions and energy
and an arrow straight path to resolving emotional problems and making us feel better - pretty much instantly.

"When something is simple, God is smiling."Albert Einstein

In EMO, we don't use ...
points, lines, charts and diagrams.
Instead, we work with what there really is - one person at a time.

In EMO, we don't talk ...
about who did what to whom, why, when, or what any of it means.
Instead, we go straight to the source of the pain and heal it. It really doesn't get any simpler than that!

In EMO, we don't have to ...
be great healers to help other people, have studied for decades, sat in monasteries or stand on one leg for any length of time.
Instead, we can be just people, helping other people, using our god given mind, body, and energy body together with a heartfelt will to put to rights what once went wrong to bring about events of healing and of change that will never be forgotten.

With EMO, we have a modality that shows us how we can experience the reality of energy in our own living bodies.

There are no leaps of faith required, no religion needs to be believed, all is simple, natural and logical.
With EMO, we can learn to understand how we work as human beings; how unhealed injuries of the past have created our feelings and emotions, and the thoughts and behaviours that follow.
With EMO, we have a direct path from where it hurts today to where the injuries are located - and what to do about it so that the pain stops, and instead, pleasure, excitement and joy will be experienced.
All of that is proven, tried, tested, and it works.

Here is the BRAND NEW book on EMO that brings together all we have learned over the last fourteen years.

Discover ...

What emotions really are and how we can learn to control emotions in a whole new way

How "crazy thoughts" are the direct effect of disturbed emotions and how to become far more logical

What the mysterious "healing hands" really are and how to make them work reliably

Positive emotions you've never had before and you thought you could never experience

The myth of "negative energy" exploded - why there is no such thing and how we can prove that

The straight path through all emotional words and labels to the truth, and thereby to true healing and change

A whole new way to talk about emotions and feelings that a three year old child or a sergeant major can understand

The way out of endless spirals of self defeating thoughts, feelings and beliefs


Discover ...

How to deal with metaphors swiftly and make positive changes happen - even if you don't know the first thing about metaphors!

Why it is so easy to "read the energy body" - if you know how

The Creative Template - your unique blueprint how your energy system could work if it was in Even Flow and why it is so important in all healing and change work

Energy Nutrtion Made Easy - What does the energy body need to eat? What happens when the energy body gets too fat?

Avoiding energy malnutrition which leads to ill health and depression

The Energy Immune System - what you can do to improve the auto-immune system of the energy body to make it strong and able to resist incoming problems

Why The Heart Of Energy Needs Our Best Attention - how to put what energy you've got to give to the best use and in the right place

How to control the conscious mind so it doesn't get in the way of real energy healing

Why intention is paramount in all energy work and how to "do" attention correctly


Discover ...

How to stop being overwhelmed by other people's emotions and retain a positive and helpful outlook at all times

Why "the Creative Order itself has our backs" when we work with energy, information and love

The amazing breakthrough about the 6th sense - what it is, how it works and how you can make your 6th sense work much better too

Why stuck and stale energies are so poisonous to the whole mind/body/spirit system and what to do about that

What psychosomatic pain and phantom pain really is, and how we can treat these types of hitherto inexplicable phenomena easily and directly with EMO

What to do when you can't tell the difference between a powerful negative emotion, a psychosomatic pain, a phantom pain and a physical pain - and this works every time!


Discover ...

Why people who suffer from extreme emotional disturbances are definitely not crazy!

How to understand natural body language in a whole new way (this will really blow your mind!)

Why we need to get away from useless pop psychology labels for problems and get to the root as quickly as possible

How to change beliefs, values and attitudes faster than with any other change modality available today

How to create "events of healing and of change" using the simple principles of EMO

Why it is so essential to go beyond the "zero point of peace" in energy healing and in life


Discover ...

The terrible effects of shields on entire incarnations and what we can do about it now

How we can stop being afraid of the "subconscious mind" and instead start to use it as nature intended

How to rebuild trust in our healing hands and our own energy bodies and minds

A healing technique you can do "when the worst comes to the worst" (and which was discovered in a 3rd world country where all was in ruin!)

The real truth about the Even Flow - and why it is so important to know about this

Why we are never alone in EMO energy work and where the powerful support is coming from

The sheer joy of the Energized End state and how you can learn to have those every day, no matter what.


Discover ...

How to avoid inadvertently hurting innocent victims through Friendly Fire

How we can literally learn to change our minds in seconds - and it is easy!

The three master keys to doing EMO successfully

How the unique and wonderful EMO Client/Practitioner dance creates unique experiences of rapport, healing and evolution - for both parties at that

Why EMO people get to evolve themselves every time they help another person - and how its done

How to establish "deep rapport" with anyone - the EMO way

How to unfold the mysteries of a person's unique energy system by a simple set of questions and answers

The power of positive feedback at the right time and the effects this has on energy flow

Why you can't do EMO with your head alone and how working with the whole person is so much more effective

What to do with people who can't or won't do EMO - simple but profound!


Discover ...

Why we don't use the word "imagine" and what we say instead (this is very important!)

How to deal with demons, spirit attachments and other scary energy forms simply, quickly and safely

The very real dangers of the wrong metaphors in the wrong places - and how we can avoid getting sucked into that sort of thing

The healing power of water - and why that is so important in the EMO process

Why the way we think about energy has everything to do with how effective our energy healing becomes

How logic and love are one and the same when energy flow is optimal

The interchangeable nature of energy, information and and love

How to gain more energy, information and love - all the same time, and why that's the right way to do it.


Discover ...

What energy allergies are, how they affect us and how we can treat them easily

Why judgements create shields and energy malnutrition and how to repair these problems

The awesome energy of learning - how to learn with the heart and then process with the head (that's the right way round for wisdom learning!)

A simple exercise to learn the basics of "energy learning" through personal experience (is there any other way?!)

How to learn from people in such a way that it stops hurting and starts feeling good instead

Learning from teachers and gurus in a whole new evolutionary way

How to be truly inspired by inspiring people - and how to do that in practice

How to reactivate your own human inner learning machine and get over learning related blockages and injuries

The spiritual concept of forgiveness and how to turn hatred into love made doable - right here and now


Discover ...

Two simple exercises that will transform your days - and your nights

How to not be damaged by "words that hurt" ever again

Why accepting compliments is so difficult - and why it's important that we learn how to do just that (this alone will change your life!)

How to stop judging our own bodies and start enjoying them instead

A simple exercise so you can get to hear the words you've been waiting to hear your whole life long - and be able to move beyond that, at last

How to transform long term relationships by removing accumulated energy dirt and making them new and bright again

Daily energy awareness exercises that will lift, evolve and heighten your abilities and experience - simple but profoundly useful

A simple exercise for your 6th sense you can do in a restaurant or a supermarket that can save your life!


Discover ...

How to do EMO by proxy - powerful, original shamanic energy work for healing and transformation

How to combine EMO with Reiki, NLP, Massage, EFT, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Aromatherapy and much much more to raise performance and energy flow to a whole new level

The real truth about inspiration - and how you can use energy work to literally in-spire yourself

Anger and energy - the little known facts about powerful emotional experiences

Three case stories about love pain and what was done to turn love pain into nothing but love again

Why EMO is the perfect modality for child abuse and child sex abuse survivors (custom made, you could say)

How energy work reveals the true nature of genius - thinking in a whole new way


Discover ...

The many practical uses of EMO in business, from idea generation to stress relief and from customer care to selling, you'll be surprised

Home Harmony - how using the basic principles of EMO can be used to transform the energy flow in your home (no knowledge of religion required!)

How additional information, energy and love transforms the practical experience of spirituality

How to make Affirmations work with EMO - awesome experience!

How the X-Factor works, what it is, and how we can practically "find new friends and influence people" when we ramp up our X-Factor for real.

All that ... PLUS:

Many more exercises, case examples, instructions, and the A-Z of EMO.

EMO is revolutionary.

EMO is direct and superbly simple - that is why is has so many different applications.

Don't let the simplicity and ease of use fool you.

EMO opens the door to having more fun, feeling better more often, feeling miserable much, much less, healing old emotional injuries, creating mind changes and overall, seeing, feeling, experiencing much more in every day life.

EMO is simple.

EMO is natural.

EMO is simply *right*

We have found a way that works with people - try it out for yourself.

You'll be amazed what you can do with EMO.

After a year or so, and as your abilities to read, understand, and work with energy improves through practice, "amazed" doesn't do it justice any longer.

EMO is logical, practical - and wonderful!

Whether you are an old hand at energy work, or you've never done any energy work before, yes, there is more energy, more information and more love available to you right now - and EMO will show you how.

EMO Energy In Motion:
Emotions, Energy, Information & Love

EMO Energy In Motion Book Silvia Hartmann

"This is knowledge every person in this world needs to know about - priceless, beautiful and so uplifting!"

"So easy that a child can do it - and yet so deep and mysteriously wonderful at the same time. It must be magic!"

"Absolutely awesome - with every day I learn more and more about energy, talk about having my eyes opened, amazing grace!"

"In the simplicity of EMO lies its extraordinary power."

"The energy worlds are real - and here finally is a modern explanation, theory and practice, that makes energy work not just available to every person, every child, but so obvious and easy that we must ask how did we ever get by without EMO?"

"A Great Book for anyone who wants to take control of their own emotions and who wants to feel better - much, much better! Highly recommended!" 

Silvia Hartmann ~ Author, EMO Energy In Motion 

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