EMO Energy Dancing 3: Positive Energy: Dance Your Dreams!

EMO Energy Dancing 3: Positive Energy

For the lovers of the unique EMO Energy Dance worldwide, here is the new, future focused, joy orientated "Energy Dancing III: Positive Energy!"

Energy Dancing III - The Power Of Positive Energy!


We've done our releasing, we've done loads and loads of healing - are you ready yet to draw some POSITIVE energy into your life with the pure primal power of EMO Energy Dancing ...?

 If you're ready for the next threshold shift in your life, ready to leave the past where it belongs, and that would be behind you :-) then this is for you!

 Choose what YOU want - don't let anyone else tell you what you should want! Don't let anyone else tell you how you should dance, either.

 When dance arises naturally from within, from the powerful emotions in your energy body, when our body begins to move naturally and entirely of its own accord, we're getting on the right track - that's real energy flow.

 Shamans of old knew this, and they knew how to Dance Their Dreams - dancing is primal, incredibly powerful and when we dance with the positive energies of the Universe, well ... :-)

 For the lovers of the unique EMO Energy Dance worldwide, here is the new, future focused, joy orientated "Energy Dancing III: Positive Energy!"

 You know how to do EMO Energy Dancing - now let's rock and roll and get that incarnational show on the road!

 This awesome program, featuring complex and energy boosting sound scapes by Silvia Hartmann especially written for EMO Energy Dancing will take you higher, further and into sensations you have never experienced before.



1: Let The Energy Flow!

The warm up track to get your energy system going - use it any time you need a fast boost and shake off the stresses of your day.


2: Dance For Health, Strength, Beauty and Youth!

Feel the power of awakening health and vitality - from the energy system out, and that's where it's got to start! (And change your mind about just what your body can do for as a bye-the-bye, and without any need for psychoanalysis or digging around in the past again!)


3: This Is What I Want!

What do you want more of in your life? Learn to want again, let go of old entrainments, scream, shout, stomp your feet and let the Universe know what you want - it's only energy, it's free, and it is yours by right of birth!


4: Success, Success, Success!

What do you want to succeed at beyond your wildest dreams? Love? Money? Spirituality? Call upon the sexy, amazing power of success with this primal dance and wash away limitations of the past simply as a bye-the-bye, like a flood of energy rushing through will clear away the oldest blockages as though there were nothing but a child's waterwheel ...


5: Through The Ceiling!

We all have all these perceived ceilings to our abilities, skills, talents, and what is even possible for us in life. These are the cages of our entrainments - break free, break out, shatter those invisible barriers that kept you confined and trapped within!


6: Free And Easy!

We do not have to always jump around and stomp our feet to get things done - sliding elegantly, lightly through our daily lives, dancing through life with grace and lightness - ah that's so wonderful!


7: Dance Your Dreams!

Our deepest and most profound dreams, wishes and wants are things we can't even put into words at all - but we can feel them, we can raise those powerful emotions that are as old as the hills and we can express them through dance. Let the great birds that are your dreams be born from your passions, take wing and rise to the stars!


8: My Blessings To You!

The more we have, the more we have to give - and it is only right and so very wonderful to share our blessings with those we love. This dance is not about you, but it is for you to raise extraordinary energies and to send to someone you love.


The perfect way to move through another threshold with


EMO Energy Dancing III - The Power Of The Positives.



  • This program contains brief introductions to set us up right, and ready to dance.
  •  If you are unfamiliar with EMO Energy Dancing, we recommend you start with I and II or learn it directly from an EMO practitioner or trainer.



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