EmoTrance - Self Help Day - Sun 1st October 2006

by Silvia Hartmann & Nicola Quinn
EmoTrance - Self Help Day - Sun 1st October 2006
Day one will be the Self-Help Experience Day where you will learn how to use the EmoTrance energy system for yourself.
Silvia Hartmann & Nicola Quinn really don’t need any introduction. After bringing EmoTrance to the forefront of Energy Psychology four years ago, these exciting and innovative trainers will be facilitating your journey through the EmoTrance Self-Help Experience, EmoTrance Practitioner and EmoTrance Advanced Practitioner syllabuses. This is your opportunity to either become EmoTrance Practitioners, EmoTrance Advanced Practitioners, or to renew your skills with these renowned trainers.

As for the venue, The Manor Barn in Bexhill UK is such a peaceful and relaxing place for all kinds of energy work. This is going to be a size limited close and personal event allowing the participants to get the most out of there training.

You will learn about:
  • EmoTrance – The Basics
  • ALL Emotions Are Cries Of Pain Or Joy From The Energy System
  • Energy & Intention
  • Energy Healing In The Real World
  • The Even Flow
  • Working With The Even Flow
  • Energy IS Flow
  • Who Is Doing The Healing?
  • The Intention Of Healing
  • The Creative Template
  • Oceans Of Energy
  • Energy Nutrition
  • Opening Up To Energy
  • Show & Tell Energy
  • Overcoming Fear Of Emotions
  • Innocent Energy
  • The Presuppositions Of EmoTrance In A Nutshell
  • The Basic EmoTrance Technique
  • EmoTrance Triggers
  • Word Triggers
  • EmoTrance – The Basic Technique Step By Step
  • EmoTrance & Breathing
  • The Energised End State
  • EmoTrance At Home
  • Heart Healing

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