When Change Is Hard - Advanced EmoTrance Techniques with Detlev Tesch

Detlev Tesch
When Change Is Hard - Advanced EmoTrance Techniques with Detlev Tesch

Learn new ways we can deal with complicated cases of stuck energy states with Master Trainer Detlev Tesch

Product: 64 Minutes Recording + Workshop Manual

Workshop available separately or as part ofΒ complete conference audio recording set.

This recording was taken at the 2010 EmoTrance Conference in the United Kingdom which takes place annually every April. For more information please visit theΒ EmoTrance Conference website.

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EmoTrance is a fantastic modality for rapid and easy emotional healing and change. Yet sometimes we come across energies that feel extremely hard, stuck and don't seem to want to soften or flow at all. Or an energy system seems to fall into a kind of panic and throws up a great number of spots with energy problems at the same time so we might not know where to start...

These are examples of "tough cases" or stuck systems that we may come across in our work with ET. Learn about some new ways you can deal with these stuck energy states. In my work with coaching clients these patterns have brought us great results where it used to take a long time and a lot of effort before.

Detlev Tesch is a highly experienced EmoTrance Trainer & Project Sanctuary Master.

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