EmoTrance in Business with Cheryl Hopkins

Cheryl Hopkins
EmoTrance in Business with Cheryl Hopkins

Discover how to market your practice to big business and take your healing to the next level.

Product: 61 Minutes Recording

Workshop available separately or as part of complete conference audio recording set.

This recording was taken at the 2010 EmoTrance Conference in the United Kingdom which takes place annually every April. For more information please visit the EmoTrance Conference website.

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Would you like to take your EmoTrance practice to the next level... to a much larger audience; to go from working with private clients in your spare room to working with corporate clients in the business world?

Worried about how to ‘sell’ EmoTrance to Big business; unsure of the types of words to use with corporate employees… concerned that you ‘don’t have enough’ experience? Then this session is for you. We’ll cover:

  • Removing fears and blocks to working with corporate clients.
  • Identifying your ideal clients, so you can maximise your work success and enjoyment.
  • How to find your unique selling point, so companies want to buy you.
  • How to ‘sell’ EmoTrance in the business world (& manage the sales process).
  • How to use EmoTrance with company employees: Language and new patterns.

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