EmoTrance History: The 1st Presentation Of EmoTrance 2002 Live Recording

Silvia Hartmann
EmoTrance History: The 1st Presentation Of EmoTrance 2002 Live Recording

This is a live 91 minute historical recording of Silvia Hartmann presenting the first ever EmoTrance lecture to the participants of the 2002 Oxford Energy Therapy conference. Now we are many years on, EmoTrance has become a truly global phenomena and we have decided to make this rare recording available in MP3 format (41.9MB). For EmoTrance students this training offers you a window back in time to the beginning of EmoTrance with the primary developer herself. For those new to EmoTrance, this lecture gives you the perfect opportunity to understand EmoTrance from its developmental roots and history to its concepts and protocols. This recording also includes audience examples, questions and demonstrations.

EmoTrance Oxford: Lecture (5 Minute Demo) by Silvia Hartmann.mp3

This Oxford Energy Conference 2002 lecture was the first public announcement of EmoTrance by Silvia Hartmann and it makes fascinating listening. All the concepts such as shield work, metaphors and the movement of energy are right there in the beginning which is a testament to the logical, simple and profoundly useful EmoTrance design. This demonstration version has been limited to 5 minutes for you to sample.

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