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Energy Is Here: The Enchanted World: An Introduction To The Real World ...

by Silvia Hartmann
Energy Is Here: The Enchanted World

Silvia Hartmann's beautiful introduction to the reality of energy now available in this first softback edition. This book is a priceless invitation into the "Enchanted World" that just anyone can pick up and enjoy. This book makes a great gift for friends and family.

Please note that The Enchanted World is available as a FREE quality ebook in Adobe PDF from our Downloads Section.

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  My deepest thanks to Dr Hartmann for this generous gift that whetted my appetite for more energy nourishment :-)  - Karen Robinson Rochester, NY, USA www.naturalhealth coach.net www .naturalhealthcoach.ne t
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  A fantastic introduction and an important reminder of the real nature of things, it's only challenge to be all I was meant to be.  - Tina Cooper, United Kingdom
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  The Enchanted World is a tool of explanation for those of us who work with Energy and also an entry point for people with a beginner's interest in the workings of the real world.  - Kerry Tilton, PhD
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  Enchanted World is truly a gift. Ideas and truths vital to anyone desiring to grow and develop are presented in a flowing and simple manner which is a delight to read.  - Judy Granit, Israel
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  This book will fill a gap in your life that you barely knew existed. It will inspire you, excite you, fill you with wonder and a renewed hope for the future. I can't be more specific, but this is truly a wonderful, enlightening and inspirational book  - Joan Taylor, Scotland
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  The contents of this book contains the things I have been slowly learning for my 70 plus years.  - Janet A Sullivan, USA
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  I found The Enchanted Land resonated with me, there were so many 'aha' moments which will change my life.  - Tracy Culleton Carlow Ireland
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  I never experienced another way of treating psychological problems in such a brilliant, effective jet logical and natural way.  - Gerald Stiehler, Psychologischer Psychotherapeut
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  [Enchanted World] gave me exactly what I needed,I am just so happy, energized, light and Elevated  - Angelica
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  Silvia Hartmann blows me away with Enchanted World, as well as every book of hers that I have read because she thinks outside the box.  - Laura Hewitt, United States Of America
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  The Enchanted World - in a nutshell, the author has done a very excellent job for the entire humanity.  - Dr. Abdul Jalal,D.I.A.M.S.,M.D., Phd.(A.M)
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  Within the Enchanted World awaits a sphere of energy for each and every one of us to activate and open the port hole to the epicentre of our our inner selves.  - Jacky Bennett Cheshire, UK
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  It has helped me many times to go over my prior limitations and I highly recommend to everybody.  - Andrej Vasle, MET Trainer, Brazil
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  They are all wonderful - but this is truly a gift from heaven. She writes with the simplicity and clarity of the creative order itself.  - Phil Mollon, PhD Author, EMDR & The Energy Therapies Energy Therapies Trainer
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  Thanks for the refresher Silvia. And thanks for your brilliant pioneering spirit.  - Kate Strong, Christchurch, New Zealand
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  You have shown me a way to become whole again, without pain, tears etc. like I knew had to exist for life itself is simple, it's magic...... bless you dear and keep inspiring us all.  - Sandra Keijzer (Netherlands)
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  Thank you very much - May the angels forever be with you.  - Shane Australia
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