HypnoSolutions - The Secret Song: Bring More Luck Into Your Life!

Silvia Hartmann & Ananga Sivyer
HypnoSolutions - The Secret Song

A magical meditation to get closer to Lady Luck and invite her into your life! In this wonderful meditation, you will experience luck in a new way - special moments, special places, luck fields and winds of luck where for a time, reality is quite different. The lucky ones can spot those luck streams and step inside them, and so can you - by learning to hear the secret song.

A wonderfully uplifting, deeply magical and absolutely effective energy magic meditation, created by StarFields with magic music by Ananga Sivyer - don't delay, get more luck into YOUR life today!

This wonderful meditation comes with two separate tracks - the first is the guided meditation, invoked for you by StarFields; the second is the music without the words, opening a space for your own meditations to arise and wonderful experiences to be had each time you step into "The Secret Song".

A wonderful gift to yourself and also, to others who need a little more luck, or a lot more luck, to make their dreams come true.

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