HypnoSpecial - The Money River Energy Hypnosis: Release YOUR Money Stress, Dissolve Blocks To Success and Step Into YOUR Money River

Silvia Hartmann
HypnoSpecial - The Money River Energy Hypnosis

Silvia Hartmann’s beautiful and powerful Energy Hypnosis Program "The Money River" helps us to release painful money stress, find relief from burdens of responsibility and fear of the future, dissolve blockages to success and gives us energy to stay focussed and achieve the life we desire.

Silvia Hartmann has always said that "Stress makes you stupid!" ultimately leading to bad decisions - which bring more stress and even less clear thinking; it's a terrible spiral from which we must escape at all cost!

Following on from her book MindMillion and the 60 Second Wealth Boosters, this is Silvia’s long awaited Energy Hypnosis program to deal specifically with the reality of MONEY STRESS and the burdens this places upon our shoulders, our energy systems, and our minds.

Take charge of YOUR money stress today!

  • Walk away from all your worries and leave it all behind ...
  • Find the river deep inside you that carries the most powerful life energies ...
  • The river is powerful and pure, and it will wash all your "money sins" away ...
  • Relax completely, release all your burdens, stress, pain and suffering and let the mighty river take it all away ...
  • Then draw from the river bright new, sparkling fresh energy that brings life, new ideas and a new MAGIC to the flow of YOUR prosperity!

This is a WONDERFULLY relaxing, beautiful pure Energy Hypnosis session to recharge and restore yourself - and to find the Even Flow in YOUR Money River.

"Think about it ... if you acted smartly, without stress, and decisively, how much money would YOU save - every week, every month, every year? This brilliant program is an investment that is not only going to help you make more money, but will also save you money, save you from further bad decisions AND further stress in the future!"

To get the best results out of this program it is recommended that you listen to this 16minute/15MB MP3 Track using good quality headphones where you feel the most comfortable and can relax.

Enjoy this session once a day for three days, then keep it close by so you can use it as and when required for extra energy, focus, and magical sparkle!


  • Anyone will benefit from this latest powerful Energy Hypnosis session which works on many levels of the human totality - mind, body, and especially the energy mind (previously known as the unconscious or subconscious mind) and the energy system where the REAL blocks to success reside!
  • Those who know EmoTrance can use that technique during the session to work actively with the flow of energies and induce their own energized end states - time and time again! (Delicious!!!)
  • You can use EFT before, during and after the journey to add YOUR intention and active participation to this wonderful program.
  • Project Sanctuary & The Genius Players know what to do with this POWERFUL Money River for additional purposes, insights & sparkle :-)
  • For further information about our exciting range of hypnosis tracks visit: https://dragonrising.com/store/hypnosis.html


Money River Money Hypnosis For Money Stress Find YOUR Money River! Silvia Hartmann’s beautiful and powerful Energy Hypnosis Program "The Money River" allows us to ...

  • release painful, debilitating money stress,
  • find relief from burdens of responsibility and fear of the future,
  • dissolve blockages to success
  • and gives us direct access to a beautiful river of energy that will enliven us, energize us and help us stay focussed -

 ... to achieve the life we desire.

Skyland Money Energy Hypnosis 4 Minute Demo

Sample version of Skyland Money Energy Hypnosis track which is a time-limited demo (4m:20s) of the 16 minute full version.

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