Many Lives In The Multiverse: Past Life Regression - And BEYOND!

Silvia Hartmann
Many Lives In The Multiverse

Past Life Regression has always been about THIS LIFE, and how other lives and their experiences are influencing what is happening FOR YOU TODAY.

In this fabulous guided energy hypnosis meditation session, Goe President Silvia Hartmann takes you beyond mere "past" lives and lets you connect with ANY life that needs your attention, right here, right now. Past lives, alternate lives, even potentially future lives can have an influence because in the ENERGY dimensions, ALL TIME IS AS ONE.

We believe that human beings are much more than just a physical shell, and that very practically, the human soul is the device by which we transgress physical death.

Instead of a metaphysical idea, the soul is an energetic REALITY, a device for storing the information of a life AND KEEPING THIS INFORMATION SAFE.

What if there was a being in the multiverse, a being made of many lights, of MANY LIVES, and all these souls are a part of its energy system?

What if YOU were on this occasion to become an emissary who acts on behalf of this being of many lives, what if YOU had its support and guidance as you travel to a life that is in need of help TODAY?

WhatΒ  might the rewards be FOR YOU, in this incarnation?

Experience the true beauty and the mystery of Past Life Regression AND BEYOND:

Many Lives cover

Many Lives In The Multiverse

Created by Silvia Hartmann - For 21st Century Human Beings

Fascinating. Reconciling. Deeply Healing.

This is a journey you will want to take again, and again, to learn more about YOUR very own many lives in the Multiverse - this is truly, Past Life Regression AND BEYOND.

  • A very special Energy Hypnosis program you can use and enjoy, afresh and anew each time, to solve problems and find inspiration in THIS LIFE and to expand YOUR abilities to journey with YOUR SOUL.
  • Beautiful, multilevel Modern Energy Hypnosis, rich in energy nutrition, touching all levels of the Triad.
  • Excellent experience and guidance to learn to access high, fine energy states where heart, mind and soul are in communication.
  • Highly recommended for the Modern Energist.
  • Download Format: MP3 (192Kbs high-quality stereo audio)
  • Download Size: 25MB
  • Length: 18 minutes 14 seconds

Past Life Regression & Beyond (1 Minute Sample).mp3

1 Minute Sample from "Past Life Regression & Beyond: Many Lives in the Multiverse" by Silvia Hartmann

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