In Serein 3: The End of Dreams

by Silvia Hartmann
In Serein 3: The End of Dreams

The Third Book of the In Serein trilogy by master storyteller Silvia Hartmann

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Masterful Hypnotic Fantasy Fiction By Silvia Hartmann ...

In Serein is a hypnotic and spellbinding novel which takes the reader deep into the heart of power, control, magic, love and logic.

At the centre of the story lies the dark romance between a 14 year old virgin, Isca, and the ancient immortal Lord of Darkness, Lucian Tremain. As each begins to discover their unique weapons of powerful magic which arises not from the use of artefacts, but from within the wellsprings of their own beings, their actions threaten the dominion of the ruling secret order of priest-magicians who set out to destroy them both.

Merged against their will to a single timeless fate, Isca and Lord Lucian have to fight the Serein, the demons of their own past and of each others for their lives, for their sanity, their soul and their redemption. 

Victim and torturer, master and slave, saviour and destroyer, sourcerer and apprentice - each must become all or far more than just their own lives will be lost forever.

Trilogy Details:

  • Book 1: Of Sorcerers & Apprentices

  • Book 2: The Cage

  • Book 3: End of Dreams

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