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Infinite Creativity: The Silvia Hartmann Story

by Silvia Hartmann
Infinite Creativity

If you have ever wondered where all the extraordinary patterns and techniques came from that create the new Third Field of Modern Energy, here is the story of Silvia Hartmann's discoveries. From the Harmony Program to the Energy Symbols, from EMO to Energy Events, from Project Sanctuary to SuperMind, from Modern Energy Art Solutions to In Serein - if the idea of Infinite Creativity makes you tingle with delight, this book is for you. Caution! This is a book filled with words of wisdom, examples, anecdotes, stories, ideas and brilliant breakthrough insights in Silvia Hartmann's original magical English.

"In this remarkable book, Silvia shares with us how simple it is to tap into our infinite creative side and never ever run out of ideas again," writes GoE Energist Trainer Jorge Vence.

"Infinite creativity is a must have and a must read to the aspiring authors and poets, I was one of them!" 

“A man without imagination is just a shadow of his full potential.”  ~ Jorge Vence 

Slowly, the world of men is waking up to the idea that the energy body is real.

That it has real power centres that can make or break incarnations - and one of these power centres is the energy mind.

Infinite Creativity Silvia HartmannPreviously known as the un- or subconscious mind and totally misunderstood, demonised and mistreated across the ages, Silvia Hartmann describes the energy mind as her best friend, her hero, her life saver and the absolute wellspring of innovation, creativity and meta-logical thought across the board.

Being able to communicate with your energy mind is the greatest competitive advantage a human being can have. It is simply what divides the greats from the also rans, and the never minds.

In this extraordinary book, Silvia Hartmann traces the path and the journey to learn not just about the energy mind, but how in the very act of communicating with the energy mind, extraordinary break throughs were made, and the brand new patterns, techniques and methods we have come to associate with Hartmann's work came into being.

This is a "the book of a lifetime" and will remain with the reader for many years to come as they continue to find new insights, wisdom, inspiration and practical applications for their own Infinite Creativity.

"Creativity itself is the only solution to all our problems." ~ Silvia Hartmann, GoE President 


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