Introducing EFT

Silvia Hartmann
Introducing EFT

“Introducing EFT” is the perfect entry into the world of EFT for beginners, as well offering an insight into the masterful work of Silvia Hartmann. Recorded live at the Europa Hotel in Gatwick London in April 2012, this is the first unit of twelve which as a whole comprises the EFT Master Practitioner training. You have two purchase options available: Video DVD/Audio CD Bundle, and the MP3 Audio Download.

Last month we launched the EFT Master Practitioner DVD set, which contains over 8 hours of Silvia Hartmann at her best explaining the very-most cutting edge of ideas and theories on this wonder-technique. This premium product is recommended for the EFT elite, but since 90% of EFT practitioners & self-helpers will never need to go beyond the skills learned in unit 1, we are now offering it separately for a fraction of the price.

Topics covered in this 45 minute presentation:

  • We Are Energists!
  • The Third Field
  • Helping the Citizen
  • What We Know About The Energy System
  • Working With The Clients Own Words
  • Throwing Away The Maps
  • Your Finger As a Magic Wand
  • The Rules of Energy
  • Energy is Not Subtle
  • How EFT Works
  • How to Tap Elegantly
  • The EFT Heart & Soul Tapping Protocol
  • Precision in EFT Setups
  • Compound Statements & Why We Avoid Them
  • Abbreviated Setups
  • Why We Tap on Ring Finger
  • Introducing the SUE Scale For Measuring Change To The Positive
  • Life Beyond Zero
  • The EFT Miracle & One Minute Wonder
  • The Healing Event
  • Improving the Energy Flow
  • Moving Forward on the SUE
  • How to Tell if the Problem is Responsive to Energy
  • The Ethical Promise of EFT
  • The Promise of the Professional EFT Practitioner

Choose between the following two sets:

  • MP3 Audio Download. Just the audio from the presentation, perfect for iPods & MP3 players
  • DVD Video and Audio CD and MP3 Audio Download. The complete set, allowing instant access to the MP3 audio download whilst the postman delivers your DVD & CD.

Of course, if you want to go further with EFT then you’ll need to attain the Energy EFT Master Practitioner qualification by attending and passing the EFT Master Practitioner Live Training or EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning course which is tutored by Dr. Hartmann herself!

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