Meditation Soundscapes: Beautiful Exotic Instrumental Meditation Music

Ananga Sivyer
Meditation Soundscapes

Drift away to exotic locations, from sandy beaches to lush forests, with these beautifully relaxing Meditation Soundscapes. This instrumental audio download is the ultimate in relaxation.

Meditation Soundscapes is the latest album from renowned musician and ayurvedic master Ananga Sivyer, who has become one of DragonRising's most popular artists. Meditation Soundscapes shows once again Ananga's skill at bringing together sounds from across the globe, blending various exotic musical instruments into wonderfully soothing tracks.


The Meditation Soundscapes are:

Forest Temple -

Among the trees of this ancient forest you find a temple, small and safe, a bare wood floor and a cushion await you within it's stone carved walls. The birds sing, as they have always done here, and the rain drips softly on the leaves outside the door.

You go inside and sit, and close your eyes and breathe, as the sounds of tamboura and sitar soothe you from a distance you begin your meditation...

Quiet Retreat -

High on a hill there is a place where you can be alone and still, yet connected with all that is around you. You can step back from the busyness of life, and sit above it all and watch the world go by. Accompanied by the sounds of nature and the distant breezy notes of a shakuhachi flute, you sit at peace...

Rest & Recharge -

Standing on soft grass at the shore of a vast lake a tree invites you to sit a while.

And so you do, and leaning against it's time worn trunk, you at once feel safe and content to spend a few moments. Sitting calm and still, you listen to the wind chimes swaying above you and the gentle waves lapping at the lakeside shore by your feet, and you rest...

Drift & Dream -

This gentle piece features the shakuhachi meditation flute playing over ocean waves and an ambient background using subtle panning effects which will relax your mind into a restful, dreamy state.


About Ananga Sivyer

Ananga Sivyer is a highly gifted musician who travels the globe collecting and playing various instruments. This diversity and skill with so many instruments is obvious in her music, and Meditation Soundscapes uses them to paint a picture of pure tranquillity which is unrivalled in its beauty.


Why Choose Medititaion Soundscapes?

The audio download of Meditation Soundscapes comprises of 4 beautiful instrumental tracks, perfect for anyone who wants to rest and unwind after a hard day. The music presented here has been lovingly crafted by personal development and meditation expert Ananga Sivyer and can be used for:

* Relaxation

* Meditation

* An accompaniment to Massage

* An accompaniment to yoga

* Soothing yourself & your family after a stressful day


Order now and feel your stress drift away with these beautiful Soundscapes by Ananga Sivyer

Meditation Soundscapes Preview

Samples of all four of Ananga Sivyer's brand new and beautiful Meditation Soundscapes  are available here for you to listen to.

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