The Energy Course - Modern Energy Foundation Video Course: Modern Energy from the ground up with Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann
The Energy Course - Modern Energy Foundation Video Course

The Energy Course is your perfect start to the theory and practice of Modern Energy taught by GoE President Silvia Hartmann herself. Learn the core concepts and try out a wonderful array of practical, easy Modern Energy Techniques for yourself. The Energy Course covers:Β  The Modern Energy Chart, EMO Energy in Motion, MET Modern Energy Tapping, SuperMind, MSM Modern Stress Management, The Power of the Positives and Star Matrix.

⭐ New: The Energy Course Now Includes The Modern Energy Foundation Certification, the pre-requisite for more advanced trainings in Modern Energy.

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The Energy Course

What's Included

By purchasing this online video course (see: How To Purchase) for just Β£47.95 GBP you'll learn the core skills and techniques of Modern Energy. Certification is also included (see below). The course units are:

  1. The Modern Energy Chart
  2. Why Your Happiness Matters: An Introduction to Modern Energy (42 mins)
  3. EMO Energy in Motion (38 mins)
  4. MET Modern Energy Tapping (41 mins)
  5. SM SuperMind Enhanced Creativity (51 mins)
  6. MSM Modern Stress Management (30 mins)
  7. The Power of The Positives
  8. Star Matrix

Each unit of this course contains explanations, methods, techniques and exercises as well as practical tips for a happier, more successful life.

This course also comes with three months of GoE Standard Membership, so you'll have access to all the member support forums plus the incredible amount of learning resources available in the GoE Digital Library.

The Energy Course with Silvia Hartmann
Table of Contents

The Modern Energy Chart with Silvia Hartmann

The Modern Energy Chart
is the foundation of all modern energy
methods, techniques, goals and approaches.

Understand the Modern Energy Chart,
and you can take control of your life.

Your Happiness Matters!


  • What is MODERN Energy?
  • Energy is REAL
  • The Structure of Modern Energy
  • Energy Nutrition
  • The 6th Sense
  • The Aspects Model
  • The Third Field
EMO Energy In Motion

EMO Energy In Motion

  • The EMO Energy Technique Step By Step
  • From "Emotion Words" To Clean Energy Work
  • Soften & Flow!
  • The Energized End State
  • The EMO Energy Magic Exercise
  • Modern Energy Healing
  • Energy Shields
  • Heart Healing
Modern Energy Tapping with Silvia Hartmann
  • The History Of Modern Energy Tapping
  • ENERGY Tapping With The 6th Sense
  • Tapping Evolutions
  • Modern Energy Tapping Demonstration
  • Tapping With The Power Of The Positives

SuperMind with Silvia Hartmann


  • The Energy Mind
  • The Perfect Place
  • The Sension Method
  • Tapping Into Your Infinite Creativity
  • The Energy Symbols
  • The Gift
  • The Three Super Heroes

Modern Stress Management

Modern Stress Management

  • The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution
  • The SUE Scale
  • Modern Stress Management Programs
  • Improving Relationships
  • You're Not Crazy, You're Just Stressed
  • Raising The Energy Average
  • The Self Healing Energy Body
  • The +10 Future
The Power Of The Positives with Silvia Hartmann

The Power Of The Positives

  • The Great Waterwheel Of Life: The Real Power of Love
  • The Positives are ASPECTS OF LOVE
  • The Battle For The Positives
  • The Personal Power Positives
  • The Universal Pharmacy Of Healing Energies
  • Let's Re-Train Our Brains Exercise
  • An Infinity Of Positives

Star Matrix with Silvia Hartmann

Star Matrix

  • The New Research Direction
  • From The Trauma To The Stars
  • A Brand New Self Concept Built From Lived Experience
  • Life Lessons, Life Learning, Life Wisdom
  • Re-Discovering The True "Treasures & Riches" Of Our Lives
  • The Book Of Stars
  • The Knight In Shining Armour
  • (Re)Connecting With Friends, Family and Strangers
  • Star Memories Raise Energy In Partners, Pairs & Groups
  • Star Matrix Is The Way

Get up to date with your energy knowledge, make important connections, find new beautiful methods and techniques for your self help or to help clients, or simply enjoy this uplifting course to raise your energy for a happier, more successful life.

The Energy Course gives you the perfect overview to understand the concepts of Modern Energy and how they apply to how we feel, how we act and what we can get out of life.

Learn from Silvia Hartmann how we can unlock the Oceans of Energy - because our happiness matters!

The Energy Course Now Includes Certification!

Once you have completed each course unit you may optionally complete an online test. Pass all of the core units and we'll email you your personalised certificate for printing out at home plus add you to the course alumni list.

Sample Certificate

How Is The Course Delivered?

After purchasing the course, you'll receive an email with a link for watching and completing each unit online. We recommend you do the course units in order, as each one builds upon the last.

This course features exercises and examples for you to try on yourself. No practice partner is required, however if you want to learn these techniques with a friend then you can pause the videos at anytime, or watch again as needed.

If you are not already a GoE member, then you'll be awarded three months of free GoE Standard Membership which is perfect for The Energy Course students. It includes full access to the GoE Digital Library plus access to the support forums.

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The Energy Course - Modern Energy Foundation Video Course (Distance Learning - Self Study/English) Β£47.95
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