EmoTrance 3: Energy Magic: The Patterns & Techniques of EmoTrance, Vol 3

Silvia Hartmann
EmoTrance 3: Energy Magic

This is the third and final part of the original EmoTrance Energy techniques.This book contains all the new and advanced EmoTrance techniques that were developed between 2004 and 2006 and deals with the question, "How can we use our new energy abilities to create reality?"

Energy MAGIC is the title of this book, and also the contents - bringing the concepts of magic out of the middle ages and making magic attainable, even scientific, right here and now.

Bridging the ancient gap between religion, spirituality, esoteric magic and kitchen magic all the same, and presenting the concepts of real living magic in a cohesive framework is what this book is about.

It contains a full transcript of the original Energy Magic presentation plus additional patterns and techniques.

This book is a springboard to advanced personal evolution and opens the door for a lifetime of personal exploration - in delight and seeking more and better experiences, in keeping with the highest designs for human beings, courtesy of the Creative Order itself.

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