The Rich & Healthy Witch: The Essential Survival Guide for Magical People

The Rich & Healthy Witch

The Essential Survival Guide For Magical People, The Rich & Healthy Witch is a powerful book, packed full of wisdom and practical advice for people who are "other than" - other than the other kids at school, other than the other members of their families, and this OTHERNESS sets them apart, makes them different, and can make their lives a misery.

Yet it doesn't have to be this way. Being a "magical person" is a gift, and when we learn what we need to do to celebrate and support our otherness, we stop fighting ourselves, and instead of being our own worst enemy, we become anything we want to be - including a Rich and Healthy Witch!

Are YOU A "Magical Person"?

Magical people - people who have magical talent, the second sight, visions, precognitions, dreams, creativity and imagination - suffer from a lack of understanding and support from their non-magical families, at school, at work and in society at large.

In this excellent book you will find practical and absolutely essential survival advice on how to cope with the otherness of being a magical person in a world that doesn’t understand.

Topics Include: Living With Our Otherness - Dealing With The Absence Of Support - Controlling Empathy - Time - Witches & Magic Sleep - Dreaming - Home Harmony  -  Magic Superfoods - PowerFields & The Universal Weather - Magical Therapy - Magic Madness - Magic Failure - Art & Magic - Assignations - Numbers - Money - Gold - Work For Magical People - The Sex Factor - Friends In High Places - Power - Love - Fairy Dust - Sickness & In Health - Giving & Taking - The Gift ... and much, much more besides.

Packed full with powerful magical energies of wisdom, inspiration, uplifting, healing and moral support, this is a book that every magical person will love to own, and read, and read again.

Rich & Healthy Witch - Cover In the introduction of The Rich and Healthy Witch Silvia Hartmann says this is the book she wished she'd had when she was 13. I'd like to go further than that and say that this is the book I wish my mother had read before she had me. I'm sure my life would have been very different.

I know my parents struggled with my otherness, and settled on treating me as some kind of prodigy, exceptionally talented, unfortunately though at one thing only, music, and satisfied themselves by pushing me in that direction, which was a mistake and led to all sorts of problems later on.

Still, I am glad at least they gave me some leeway as I always knew I was different. I figured there must be something so very weird about me as I wasn't punished like the other children were for things I did, or didn't do. That confused me immensely. Now I know why. Of course it works the other way. I now know people who were punished for no good reason when they were children, and this book explains that too.

Otherness and how that works, why you are like you are and how to become at peace with who you are, that is what this book tells you.

And a whole lot more besides. How to celebrate the differences, how to expand, enjoy, revel and delight in who you really are. How to use your incredible powers of reality creation to become rich and healthy while flowing with the natural laws, using the incredible forces of nature and of your own knowing and being.

The Rich and Healthy Witch is a treasure trove of knowledge, about you, about the Universe and how the exquisitely beautiful dance described therein really can manifest a rich and healthy life.

This is a beautiful book full of wisdom and joy.

You know if you need to read it.

You know who you are, don't you CoolClose Quote

Nicola Quinn, author of Life Without Panic Attacks,


Highlights Include:

Rich & Healthy Witch - Highlights

What Other Magical People Have Said About RHW...

"So well written! Very helpful ..."

"Wow, that is so profound and it has really opened my eyes ..."

"Energizing beyond inspiration ..."

"Make peace, accept, love and joy....this is why I love to read your work and what attracted me to it in the first place. The very energy of your writing touches something inside of me ..."

"Silvia - you make more sense than anybody I've met before in this world. It's like when I read what you write, I recognize ME. From the Creative Template to Project Sanctuary to what you write in this - you are talking about a world and way of living that I can finally understand and relate to. I love the idea of eating like a magical person - how logical is that! I could really FEEL it when you talk about eating what is right for the Totality - not just for the body. Makes so much sense!"

"No end of gratitude from this end ..."

"There is so much in this, unbelievable. Thanks a million Silvia. Amazing!"

"So uplifting, so powerful ..."

"What a book this is!"

"So, I'm different!!! Embracing my differentness - what a lifesaver this is right at this moment ..."

"Thank you so much, Silvia for this magic book!"

"This is exciting and it makes a lot of sense to me!"

"The energy is just awesome ..."

"This is so beautifully said, and absolutely true."

"Wow - I have to read it again - there is so much in this, unbelievable ..."

"Absolutely true and beautiful ..."

"You are the most logical person I know."

"Wow! This is must reading for this 69 year old who is still deciding what she wants to be when she grows up ..."

"Every chapter is a treasure to cherish ... and altogether, oh my what a wonderful creation this is ..."

"This book has been like a journey of home coming to me. I recognised myself in every sentence. I have finally found a book that recognises me!"

Rich & Healthy Witch - Cover

The Rich & Healthy Witch

The Essential Survival Guide For Magical People,

by StarFields, 2010

If you are a magical person by nature, then you need to read this book.

This is not just about knowledge and information, it is very much about energy.

This book is filled with supportive energies that will lift you, raise you up, and HELP YOU.

In and of itself, the book is a generator of energy which you can use at any time to inspire you in the literal sense of the word.

This is a book no magical person should be left without - a book to read, a book to FEEL better, a book that shows you how you can unfold your magic and your true powers of mind, body and spirit without experiencing the kind of chaos, disturbances and "healing crises" which haved dogged the prophets and seers of the ages. This is the meaning behind "The Rich & Healthy Witch" - if you do it right, there is no need to suffer for your art - or for your spirituality.

A must have for energy workers and lightworkers too, especially if you want to channel powerful energies without tearing yourself to pieces in the process.

This is a book you will treasure, and want to read again, and again.

It's MAGIC ...

It is ...

Rich & Healthy Witch - Cover

The Rich & Healthy Witch

The Essential Survival Guide For Magical People,

by StarFields, 2010


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Contains a number of simple EmoTrance exercises you can do with your own favourite books to start unlocking "the magic of books" for yourself and in a whole new way.

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