The Power of The Positives (Special Report): Unlocking The Extraordinary Power Of Positive Energy In Modern Energy Work

Silvia Hartmann
The Power of The Positives (Special Report)

In this special report, Silvia Hartmann takes us deep into the Power of the Positives and guides us to the next step on our journey into the undiscovered country on the positive side of the Modern Energy Chart.

Please note that this is a GoE Special Report and basic knowledge of the theory and practice of Modern Energy is required.

Special Report - The Power of the Positives

Silvia Hartmann GoE PresidentModern Energy Tapping creator Silvia Hartmann writes:

I conceptualise Positives as precious, starry gifts, like the finest sparkling jewels, desirable, wonderful, fascinating.

The Positives are powerful energies we get to use for real, to bring about healing, change and evolution.

We evolve by love, and only by love; and all the Positives are merely “aspects of love” as the clear diamond sparks, flashes and reflects all the colours of the rainbow.

Reclaiming the preciousness of the Positives is a profound and powerful step to take.

When we reclaim the power of the Positives, we get to handle, hold and to an extent, control truly powerful energy movements.

  • When we say, “I love you,” something HAPPENS.
  • When we talk of HAPPINESS, it is evoked.

I hope you understand just how revolutionary that is, and just how much power resides in that.

By re-claiming and re-experiencing the true preciousness of the Positives, we learn something about personal empowerment, and about powerful, powerful energy expressions that can change the world.


Unlocking The Power Of The Positives

A GoE Special Report by Silvia Hartmann

Special Report - The Power of the Positives

Special Report, 62pp A4, Colour Illustrated, Electronic Document in Adobe PDF Format for Instant Download.
Created by Silvia Hartmann, President, The Guild of Energists, 2017.
Contains the key principles of working with Positives in Modern Energy work, illustrations, examples and exercises in a concise, easy, quick to read GoE Special Report format.
Recommended Reading for Modern Energists


Unlocking The Power Of The Positives

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Problem With The Light 3
Obtaining Expert Information On The Energy System 5
Energy & Words 6
The Perfect Remedy 8
Ask And You Shall Receive. 8
The New Aspect 9
Expanding The Concept 10
The Aspects Connection 12
Reconnecting All Past Aspects 13
The First Positive: Getting Used To Getting What You Need 14
The Precious Positives 16
The Positives Through The Energy Chart 18
-8 to -6: The Personal Power Positives PPPs 18
-5 To -2: From Stress To Success 20
-2 To +2: Spark Positives 22
+3 To +6: MORE! 23
+7 And Up: The Playful Positives 24
Other People's Positives 26
An Advanced Game Of Positives 27
High Positive State Markers 28
Upping The Average 30
The Self Healing Energy Body 31
Bye Bye Peter Pan! 34
First Things First! 36
Losing The Fear Of The Unknown Future 38
The Power of The Positives In Practical Life 39
How To Energize Yourself! 41
Interlude: The Lily Story 42
Powerful Praise 43
The Energy Symbols As High Positives 44
Bringing Beauty Home 45
Positive Entities In The Home 47
The Bowl Of Blessings 49
Healing With The Power Of The Positives 51
A Few Of Your Favourite Things … 54
Addendum: New Pathways, New Futures 56
Further Information 62


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