Modern Meditation with Silvia Hartmann: Powerful Stress Relief & Mind Control Made Easy

Silvia Hartmann
Modern Meditation with Silvia Hartmann

It’s scientifically proven - meditating is good for you!

The StressFish Guide to Modern Meditation has been designed to be the perfect, stress-free introduction to meditation for the 21st Century.

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The StressFish Guide To Modern Meditation

by Silvia Hartmann

Meditation is clinically proven to alleviate stress - but isn't meditation difficult to learn? Difficult to do?

Doesn't it take years, and don't you have to become a monk first?

Take heart!

Here is a thoroughly modern take on easy meditation from mind expert Silvia Hartmann. This is truly, meditation for every man and every day, meditation de-mystified and adjusted for modern people and modern lifestyles.

Reduce stress noticeably and right away.

This book contains many easy to follow exercises that will show you how you can gain control of your mind, your emotions and your stress levels.

Many of these exercises are great to share with your kids, too - they are fun, easy and very de-stressing.

Modern meditation for modern people in a nutshell, created by Silvia Hartmann, author of Project Sanctuary, EmoTrance and Events Psychology.

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