The Genius Symbols, 2nd Edition: Your Portal to Creativity, Imagination and Innovation

Silvia Hartmann
The Genius Symbols, 2nd Edition

Silvia Hartmann defines what it means to be a true genius and proposes that this is a basic human right, rather than an accident of birth. In this paradigm shifting work, which is the result of nearly five decades of research and testing, The Genius Symbols are introduced.


Genius Symbols are now know as the Energy Symbols

These are 23 unique symbols which form an alphabet for conscious communication with the energy mind, allowing the user to ask questions directly, receive answers, and refine these answers further to produce a breakthrough innovation, inspiration and invention that will manifest correctly in reality.

Guide To The Second Edition:

The Genius Symbols (2nd Edition) has been totally revised for 2011. Having received feedback from thousands of people world-wide, Hartmann has improved and refined the book making the technique more powerful for advanced students whilst also making the process easier for beginners.

Updates to the Second Edition include:

  • More tips on how to create good contracts & questions
  • Finding the right level to pitch the contract at
  • Specificity and accuracy of contracts and questions
  • Many more examples of different kinds of contracts and questions throughout
  • Additional information on memories, memory flashes and working with memory data streams
  • New accessing wisdom learning and life experiences to become visionary data section
  • New improving memory recall section
  • New turning memories into habitats
  • New evolving memories information
  • Easy memory warm up exercises
  • Easy state and mood changing exercises
  • Easy instant ideas exercises
  • More on the energetic nature of visionary data streams
  • Enhanced magic failure section
  • Additional stress advice and anti-stress techniques
  • Additional information on the Genius Symbols themselves
  • Enhanced instructions and examples of making Genius Symbol sets
  • Additional notes and tips on how to keep better focus and concentration
  • Notes on the symbol sphere which is more than the sum of the individual 23 symbols
  • Various additional uses for the symbol sphere
  • Energy, emotrance and the symbols additional information
  • Activating all 6 senses for enhancing lucidity in visions, stories and life
  • Ideas cascades
  • How to sort a flood of ideas so action can be taken
  • Additional information on threshold shifts in personal and professional evolution
  • Additional Genius Symbol patterns
  • New Flash visions and instant visions section
  • Enhanced section on games, staying light and getting better results by not trying so hard
  • Additional information on therapy uses, including Events Psychology additions
  • Additional therapy examples
  • Additional healing patterns for The Genius Symbols
  • New healing habitats section
  • Additions and changes to the Adult Games section
  • Additions to the Visionary Goal setting section
  • New visionary goal example
  • New understanding stories section
  • New creative writing section
  • Inclusion of paranormal language examples
  • New section on games and stories for games
  • Design & Illustration section updated and expanded
  • Geometric representations exercises added
  • Sculpture & Music section updated
  • New sections on handling multiple ideas in practice
  • Combining ideas so they become more than the sum of their parts
  • New section on ideas testing habitats
  • How to build and run Tesla Machines in Sanctuary
  • Additions and changes to the paranormal and clairvoyance chapters
  • New section on Remote Viewing
  • Additions & Changes to the Symbols & Artefacts section
  • Additions to the Symbols in daily life section
  • New section on the Spirit of the Symbols and the symbol pantheon
  • New section on Symbols & Affirmations
  • Many additions to the self help & personal development section
  • Additional questions and answers added
  • New example of how to use the Genius Symbols in a business meeting to create ideas
  • New example on how to use the Genius Symbols to overcome blocks of abundance
  • New epilogue on why the world needs more genius people
  • Changes, updates and additions to the Further Reading section.

It contains instructions and samples for use in personal development, art, science, therapy and how to use with children to teach life skills of active intelligence, lateral problem solving and creative thought.

Beyond Brain Training (far, FAR beyond!) you will find The Genius Symbols

Created by Silvia Hartmann, the originator of "The Harmony Program", "Project Sanctuary" and "EmoTrance", the Genius Symbols are the first true Rosetta Stone to allow direct communication between the conscious mind, and the energy mind (previously known as the unconscious/subconscious mind).

Instead of "just" receiving information rich data streams to mine for business, innovation, art, creativity, success or pleasure, The Genius Symbols allow the user to enter into a  direct communication, to ask questions, receive answers, refine these answers until a real "threshold shift" occurs - a true "Aha!" - "Wow!" or "Eureka!!" moment when the problem has been solved, the insight has been gained, WE HAVE CONSCIOUSLY UNDERSTOOD.

The Genius symbols very literally open up portals of true 2-way communication in the human mind for the first time in human history - to not just receive high quality visions like Einstein or Tesla, but to do so at any time we choose, without having to learn any extra or new skills, AND to refine these visions until they are practically useful.

The Genius Symbols work WITH the existing systems of the human mind and can be used by any healthy human being, and including young children, within half an hour of discovering the system.

The Genius Symbols are natural, intuitive, easily understood, easily learned and you can start IMMEDIATELY, without preparation, without having to enter special altered states of mind, without any form of meditation, to have real visions of your own, in answer to questions of your own.

The Genius Symbols allow us to consciously control what kind of visions we receive, in DIRECT RESPONSE to the questions we are putting into the system.

In this way, The Genius Symbols offer an unprecedented level of control, safety, and security in accessing the powers of the energy mind for beneficial purposes ONLY.

The Genius Symbols can be used for creating breakthrough insights, new ideas, revolutionary inventions, and to provide additional information and solutions for:

  • Business
  • Strategy
  • Personal Development
  • Problem Solving
  • Idea Generating
  • Innovation
  • Creativity
  • True Intelligence Enhancement

Take this opportunity to acquire a real genius system that will grow with you, and that will help you unlock your mental powers, experience and understanding so you can use your own mind in a whole new way.

NO previous experience required - experienced visionary creatives, you will be taken to the next level and you will be AMAZED at how much more direct, controlled and PRACTICALLY USEFUL results you gain from using all of your mind in direct communication and alignment.

What are The Genius Symbols?

A set of 23 Symbols that create a meta alphabet to communicate directly with the energy mind.

HOW are The Genius Symbols so different and unique?

The 23 Genius Symbols are instantly accessible to BOTH the energy mind AND the conscious mind

because they were created through the CO-OPERATION and AGREEMENT between both minds.

****** Here are 6 of the 23 symbols. See if you can guess what these symbols stand for, without EVER having read or heard the first explanation:


The Genius Symbols are NATURAL symbols - they are easy to understand, easy to remember, and you can start using the Genius Symbols RIGHT AWAY.

Even a child or a person from a stone age culture past or present would understand these symbols - they are meaningful and ACCESSIBLE to HUMANS in general.

And even more importantly - YOUR ENERGY MIND understands them too!

HOW are The Genius Symbols used to create insights and innovations?

The book will show you how to make simple, logical patterns from these symbols which "tell a story" - or in other words, give you the vision you specifically asked for.

The book explains MANY WAYS in which to use the Genius Symbols to get your own personal breakthrough insights, "Eureka!" moments which we call Threshold Shifts - including the possibility to tell your energy mind a story that you want it to know about by placing the symbols consciously. This is completely unprecedented in the history of oracles, divination and visioning and it allows the energy mind to come forward and give you new insights, resolutions and new ideas for very real situations, memories and concerns.

WHAT is the greatest benefit of using The Genius Symbols overall?

To have an easy, powerful, profound and yet also often playful and light hearted way of communicating SUCCESSFULLY with our energy minds, without fear, without feeling out of our depth, without having to be nervous or scared, an easy and natural process that is completely enjoyable and astonishing, a highly personal and immensely uplifting and enlightening experience in every sense of the word.

Interview With Silvia Hartmann:

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