The Love Clinic: Use The Real Energy Secrets of Love, Sex and Relationships To Transform YOUR Love Life!

Sandra Hillawi
The Love Clinic

In the "Love Clinic", Energy Expert Sandra Hillawi reveals the real reasons for the problems with love and relationships, and explains in accessible, every day language, what we can do to alleviate problems and pain, and to start experiencing the joy of love in a whole new way.

Using the latest techniques available in energy research to date, and based on the experience of thousands of people who have successfully used these new methods to rid themselves of love pain, jealousy, low self esteem and negative emotions in relationships, Sandra Hillawi shows us that it is easy to love - if you know how. Supported with many real case stories and detailed descriptions and instructions, "The Love Clinic" is a practical, engaging book that will be of interest to anyone who wants to improve their experience with loving, and being loved.


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"Our Relationships ARE Our Lives."

What would your life and relationships be like if you could actually dissolve away your pain and heartache, if you could transform your anger and frustration into patience and understanding, your fear into fun?

What if you could become a master at handling behaviours of all kinds, if you could let go of the past once and for all and if you could heal yourself and heal others around you?

What if you could create changes inside you to be able to radiate confidence warmth and strength? What if you knew the Energy Secrets of attracting what you want in life, including your perfect partner?

And what if it was actually safe for you to fall in love … many times as you wanted !

What would that mean in YOUR life?

International Energy Trainer Sandra Hillawi introduces you to the world of energy, to the energy secrets that will let you understand why you have problems in your relationships and show you exactly how to solve them by creating real changes within you.

The Love Clinic is your one stop guide, manual and handbook for all stages of relationships from attracting a partner, to falling in love, to growing your love, to handing the problems and difficulties that arise along the way revealing and applying energy secrets of love along the way.

Sandra's writing is accessible, personal and down to earth. The personal stories of love healing and transformation from real people in this book will touch you and will inspire you.

From romantic love to spiritual love, the power to create more happiness and joy are only a few pages away.


The Love Clinic WILL Bring More Love Into YOUR Life!

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  • Love and relationships are all about emotions and feelings - of course.
  • And what are emotions? Movements in the energy body that we can feel.
  • When we have injuries, we feel bad. And if energy flows freely, we feel WONDERFUL.
  • Relationships are energy exchanges - it's really true!
  • Energy blocks and shields cause trouble and strife, but now there's something we can DO about that.
  • Sandra Hillawi shows us with many examples how easy it is to make your relationships sparkle ... you just have to know HOW.

"It's amazing how easy it is to love

when you're not in pain!"

This is not some esoteric wishful thinking -

The Love Clinic is for REAL People,

Living In The Real World,

Trying to LOVE In The Real World.


Find out how The Love Clinic helped ...

  • A lady who always attracted certain types of men [Page 36]
  • A lady whose childhood memories made her physically sick [Page 39]
  • A woman who felt empty after sex [Page 41]
  • A woman who was raped  [Page 42]
  • Someone who was being drained by an energy vampire in their family [Page 46]
  • A lady who couldn't handle anger and confrontation  [Page 47]
  • A lady who couldn't feel her emotions and was numb [Page 53]
  • A lady who always fell for the wrong guys  [Page 58]
  • A man who was terrified of relationships and commitment [Page 66]


... and The Love Clinic also helped  ...

  • A wife who had drifted apart from her husband [Page 69]
  • A woman who was struggling through a painful divorce [Page 71]
  • A lady who wanted to find her perfect partner [Page 76]
  • A woman who was scared of falling in love [Page 82]
  • A woman who just couldn't commit to marriage [Page  84]
  • A teenage girl who had a painful crush on a boy  [Page 87]
  • A woman discover new depths of love beyond her imagining [Page 93]
  • A man who was jealous of his wife's work colleague [Page 98]
  • A girl who couldn't let go of her great lost love [Page 102]


... and it also helped ...

  • A wife who was constantly disappointed with her husband [Page 102]
  • A lady who was hurting because the children were hurting [Page 108]
  • A woman who needed to learn how to love herself [Page 114]
  • A gentleman suffering with erectile dysfunction [Page 130]
  • A therapist who had to work with prisoners who had killed people [Page 138]
  • A wife whose husband was a paedophile [Page 140]
  • A woman  to get her husband back [Page 165]


... and it further helped ...

  • A young woman when the love of her life met someone else [Page 167]
  • A lady to feel strong even when someone was being angry to her [Page 167]
  • A girl who was being stalked [Page 167]
  • A woman who couldn't say 'I love you' to her Dad [Page 168]
  • A woman who was always upset when people interrupted her or didn't listen to her [Page 169]
  • A man whose unrequited love was affecting his work [Page 170]
  • An office worker who couldn't cope with her new job [Page 171]
  • A office worker dealing with angry users  [Page 172]


... and it worked for ...

  • A man who had an affair but wanted to save his marriage [Page 173]
  • A singer who was afraid of the audience [Page 175]
  • A lady who was ashamed of her over-eating [Page 177]
  • A struggling Mum whose husband was away a lot [Page 181]
  • A man married for 20 years who never knew what love was [Page 182]
  • An angry woman with chronic headaches [Page 183]


... and ...

  • A woman who was sensitive about her body size [Page 184]
  • A man with a love-hate relationship with his partner [Page 185]
  • A mother who couldn't bond with her baby [Page 186]
  • A stressed wife who was missing her husband  [Page 187]
  • A woman who had completely lost trust in her partner [Page 187]


All these people found out something amazing ...

Something that transformed THEIR relationships -

And YOU can transform YOUR relationships too!

The principles of energy and relationships are simple and straightforward.

The methods used are easy to learn, and easy to do.

Don't delay - you too can make relationship pain, worry and stress a thing of the past and get in control of YOUR relationships - so you will have LESS negativity and much, MUCH more love in your life too.

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Here's What Readers Of Sandra Hillawi's Best Selling Book The Love Clinic Have To Say:

The Love Clinic

I loved The Love Clinic!

It arrived whilst I was still hurting from a recent break-up and it was a God send.

My ex had found someone else.

The Love Clinic helped me release the hurt, anger and blame in my body and now I am only grateful, that I have found a golden opportunity to move forward in my life.

I then used other chapters to attract a new man into my life. This is an absolute handbook for all stages of relationships.

Thank you Sandra ... for giving me the opportunity to remember IT’S ONLY ENERGY!!!

K.Oakley, Residential Care Worker, Shropshire, UK

The Love Clinic should be called "Miracles".

I use the skills daily and experience amazing results in all areas from relationships to personal growth to growth in financial energy and much more I just love it.

Furthermore, everything that I was taught and teach as a religious teacher for 30 years is put into practice in The Love Clinic in a way that the world needs to hear.

This book is amazing.

Varda Banilivy, USA

This is a wonderful book and I can't recommend it highly enough.

I did know that love starts with oneself, but it hasn't been until I read The Love Clinic and followed the exercises that I have had the good fortune officially experiencing it.

I am thoroughly amazed at my own transformation and can't help but wonder excitedly what marvellous experiences will come next.

If you wish to fill your world with love at all levels, this is just the book for you.

Dr. L. Solaz

Sandra Hillawi

About The Author

Sandra Hillawi is one of the world's foremost authorities and lecturers in the field of natural healing and energy psychology.

Starting out with a degree in Physics and a 10 year career in IT and Computing Sandra switched to Natural Healing in 1998 upon discovering the innate healing powers of the mind body and spirit during a detox retreat and with it her path to a more fulfilling career.

Sandra studied to be a Master Herbalist and became one of the first EmoTrance trainers in 2002.

Since then, Sandra Hillawi has brought the pure joy of energy work as an international trainer and ambassador to thousands of her delighted and grateful students around the world.

In The Love Clinic, Sandra shares her experience and knowledge in a wonderfully simple and straightforward way that engages the heart as well as satisfying the mind, so change becomes a reality - and much easier than was ever thought.

What is the source of our greatest pain and suffering, AND the source of our greatest joy in life?

Relationships - of course!

Take back the power over your relationships with The Love Clinic - your one stop handbook, instruction manual and tour guide to make relationship pain a thing of the past, take the stress and strain out of your relationships - even with yourself! - and help you discover the transformative power of love - for real.

Highly Recommended: A GIFT That Lasts For Life - Order Now. 
Love Clinic is currently unavailable. For information on Sandra Hillawi and her Courses please visit here

The Love Clinic (Demo) by Sandra Hillawi.pdf

Entire first chapter from The Love Clinic by Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi Interviewed ExpressFm Radio

Recorded live on the 2nd May 2008, Author of The Love Clinic and relationships expert Sandra Hillawi is interviewed by Darren Gamblin from ExpressFM Radio. Contains many insights into how our energy system is the key factor to love and our relationships with others. 16 minutes MP3 file.

Sandra Hillawi on BBC Radio Bristol

Dave Barrett interviews Sandra Hillawi on her new book "The Love Clinic" for BBC Radio Bristol. Recorded live on 23rd July 2008.

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