The Soul Pilots, Vol 1: Service Has Its Own Rewards

Silvia Hartmann
The Soul Pilots, Vol 1

The Soul Pilots is an enchanting collection of Soul Pilotting stories written down by seven Project Sanctuary Masters and collated by Project Sanctuary developer Silvia Hartmann. Each of the 76 stories is truly unique and absolutely beautiful. Read on for more information about Soul Piloting.

As you walk around your town, your city, you see so many people.

There are so many people that rarely do we still really see who is there.

And it is true, a Soul Pilot does not wear a uniform, nor do they stand out in any way if you don’t look too closely.

They may be very young, or very old.

They may be dressed in any way.

They may be men or women from many different cultures, different races, different places.

They may be beautiful or not; and some may even seem as though they are themselves in need of care.

Yet these people take it upon themselves to undertake an age old and quite secret service; one that has to be done by the living, for they are the only ones who can reach and touch the lost souls.

The angels and the higher beings cannot go where Soul Pilots travel; and it is true that many a lost soul will shy away from brighter light and try to hide in darkness.

Many others are trapped “in between” the many worlds and once again, they can’t be reached by those who live exclusively in one world, or another; and many more don’t even know that they are lost and would not, could not ask for help.

Thus it is that the only ones who can reach these lost souls are people who are still alive, yet travel across the veil and with a purpose, seek out the ones who need their help.

Soul Pilots, by the very virtue of their residence in physicality, are far from being perfect beings.

They are just people who have their troubles and have been marked by time and incident in many different ways; they are unique and being so unique, are of a certain frequency each one that not an angel or a higher being could convey — and thus they are the perfect resonance for those lost souls who are alike to them, who will not be afraid of them, who may be touched by them, and who may be saved by them and them alone.

It is the Soul Pilots’ very own fl aws and the fact that they are still experiencing the tremendous challenges of life on Earth in physicality that allows them to reach the lost souls.

The Soul Pilots understand about suffering still, and about loneliness, about loss and heartache, and they know how diffi cult it is to navigate the many worlds, especially if one is ill prepared or tragedy has struck, as happens in so many ways.

It is their knowledge of suffering that makes the Soul Pilots effective; but more than that, it is their knowledge of suffering which makes them undertake these tasks in their own time and for no other reward than to know that they have assisted another in a most profound and most unusual way.

There are so many lost souls, still waiting in the voids.

As time goes by, they fade away, eventually they fade to nothing and all their times, all their

lives and their endeavours too will then be lost forever.

This is a loss to all and everyone; even if they don’t know it, even if they don’t believe in these things and even if they live their whole lives never thinking of such things at all.

Each soul that makes the journey to the next dimension of existence is a star.

Each star is light that shines upon us all; each one is precious, each unique, and numbers are irrelevant, for it takes many notes to make a song, in fact, it takes them all to make it right and perfect.

In this world today, there are a very few people who choose to travel across the veil.

Their purpose and their mission is to save lost souls.

They are the Soul Pilots.

And these are their stories...

  • The Wild Children
  • The Angry Old Man
  • Bundle of Rags
  • Soul Pilot’s Journey
  • The Boy in the Mine
  • On Stormy Shores
  • The Heart of Stone
  • The Brothers
  • Who Are You?
  • The Little Old Lady
  • The Portal
  • The Hooded Figure
  • A Ghost In New York
  • The Angry Worm & the Runner
  • The Mists
  • The Red-Haired Woman and Her Unborn Child
  • Wild Worlds
  • The Dry Brown Being
  • On a Hill Outside Jerusalem
  • The Soldier & the Angel Child
  • The Mosaic
  • The Crying Creature
  • Circle of Crows
  • Amazing Grace
  • Hidden Beauty
  • Another World Beyond
  • Hiding in Plain Sight
  • My Mother Lives By the Sea
  • The Mad Giant
  • More of Who I Am
  • Sarah & the Dragons
  • The Lost Son
  • Henry
  • Don Juan & His Lovers
  • The Little Girl & the Two Ghosts
  • The Angels
  • Sparks
  • Alone
  • Lost In the Darklands
  • Morning Has Broken
  • White Being In a Space of Midnight Blue
  • The Boy on the Mountain
  • The Conduit
  • One Equals Infinity
  • The Alien by the Waterfall
  • The Escape
  • The Singing Bracelets
  • Two Babies
  • The Little Demon
  • On the Beach at Night
  • A Lost Mother
  • The Royal Birds
  • The Boy & the Lighthouse
  • The Sailor & the Sea
  • Raindrops on My Window
  • The Clinging Dead
  • Sidhe Encounter
  • Seven Alien Souls
  • The Necklace
  • By Nature
  • The Honeycomb Being
  • The Waiting Angels
  • The Prince
  • Star Child Blessing
  • The Black Demon Sword
  • Violet Eyes
  • The Girl in the Night Club
  • A Lost Soul
  • Beauty’s Curse
  • The Crystalline Soul Raft
  • Like A Bird
  • Traveling To the Stars
  • Hidden
  • Soul Pilot’s Prayer
  • The Fossilized Souls
  • A Different Kind Of Light

The Soul Pilots (Demonstration).pdf

The Soul Pilots” by Silvia Hartmann, Nicola Quinn, Debora Ready, Sue Bellworthy, Margarita Foley, Joel Gruber & Detlev Tesch is a truly unique and touching book, containing 76 beautiful stories derived from Silvia Hartmann's Project Sanctuary process. If you are curious about Soul Piloting then we have created an excellent demo for you now available for free download. It contains an introduction to Soul Piloting, full Soul Piloting stories, background information about the Soul Pilots and further information about Project Sanctuary.

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