Altar Ego: Magic Music For Deep Meditation

Altar Ego

Unique, powerfully resonant instrumental music album containing 13 beautifully deeply entrancing  original compositions by StarFields specially designed to make you tune out of every day mundane thoughts and enter into the deeper states of mind, emotion and magic.

Get into the mood for magic: Get into your Altar Ego!

Altar Ego

Music To Take You Into Your Magical Self

magic music altar ego

1. Altar Ego Prelude 3.34
2. Entrance To The Underworld 3.04
3. DNA 4.36
4. Arizona 5.30
5. Night Lights 3.24
6. Nowhere Narrative 4.36
7. Fire Singing 3.44
8. Golden Wood 4.36
9. Flux 4.12
10. Forever Green 3.38
11. Riversmooth 4.00
12. Creativity 7.22
13. To My Arrow 4.06

Approx. Running Time 55 mins

Let your spirit rise, take wing and soar freely ...

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