Power UP!

Power Up! You on a good day full of energy!

 Happiness. Success. Confidence.

Your X Factor. Your Mojo.

It's all about ENERGY!

The FORCE is with you - embrace the Power of The Positives! Silvia Hartmann @StarFields Jedi picture

The Force Is REAL!

We have an amazing physical body.

We have a beautiful mind.

We have a real, living energy body.

We are multi-dimensional beings

living in the Oceans of Energy ...



Raise YOUR ENERGY - Change YOUR Life!

Raise your energy - change your life! POWER UP!

  • Getting stressed, anxious, angry and depressed happens when we are too low on energy.
  • In order to get into better states of being, we need to ADD ENERGY!
  • We need to engage The Power of the Positives.


Jamie gets the magic book

Silvia Hartmann's NEW book, The Power of the Positives, will show YOU:

  • What "the Positives" are and how they work
  • How to STOP spiralling off into stress and anxiety
  • How to raise energy at any time, anywhere
  • 36 EASY energy techniques that can be learned in minutes
  • The real secrets to "Positive Thinking"
  • How to make "affirmations" work for YOU
  • How to get out of self doubt & negative self beliefs
  • How to find your own PERSONAL POWER POSITIVES
  • How to use the Power of the Positives to have a better time at parties
  • How to POWER UP at any time you need or want to
  • A brand NEW way to empower yourself AND other people
  • PLUS:

Tons of additional ADVANCED energy tips & tricks from a real life energy master!

The NEW Book by Energy Master Silvia Hartmann: The Power of the Positives

 Take advantage of Energy Master Silvia Hartmann's experience.

LEARN HOW to engage the Power of the Positives in YOUR life.

Obtain a truly POSITIVE book of energy magic

you can turn to at any time, anywhere, on any device.


12 special bonus videos - play on any device, anytime, anywhere!

 Special BONUS:

With your Power of the Positives, you'll also receive 12 accompanying videos

Bring the Power of the Positives to life for YOU!

Watch, listen and learn

DO the exercises guided by Silvia Hartmann herself

Raise YOUR Energy - anytime, anywhere. 


Get YOUR WOW back!

Experience true 21st Century ENERGY MAGIC

Engage the Power of the Positives. 


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