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Hosted by Alex Kent, the DragonRising Radio Show is your definitive guide to DragonRising audio products. This 42 minute recording features free samples and guides to many of our premium audio products.

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  • DragonRising Radio Show Hosted by Alex Kent.mp3

    Hosted by Alex Kent, the DragonRising Radio Show is your definitive guide to DragonRising audio products. This 42 minute recording features free samples and guides to many of our premium audio products.

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  I wanted to rave about the Soften and Flow CD. It is simply wonderful.  - Yvonne
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  I do love your Voice - it is truly wonderful.  - JoAnne Scalise
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  I was just blown away by everything ... how I moved, the way I moved, that I can move like that, then feeling the energy starting to come in, flowing down my arms in waves after waves, down my spine - incredible!  - Jen Lawson, Lancs, UK
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  Riversmooth felt just extremely soothing. I could really feel my aura ripple with joy.  - Margreet Vink, The Netherlands
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  As I danced my way through the CD I experienced a great 'clearing' of energy. I would go back to test and danced til every last feeling had cleared. Then at the end with the music of the bowl I felt clear, light and my whole body was flowing.  - Margarita
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  This might sound dumb but I am real grateful, I have never had anything to stop me once I get going, and now I do.  - Justin New York
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  The first thing I did was to listen to the Magic Garden meditation. Wonderful!  - Mary Hirose
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  We think Energy Dancing is a great, unique and fun way to get an awareness of your body and start feeling better in just a few minutes.  - ww w.Self-Improvement-Adv ice.org
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  I love all the energies so much, I always feel years younger after a good old energy dance.  - Katie Jacobi, England
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  Beach party was fabulous, Snake Dance - so exotic, you just slither and slide to it... wonderful!  - Sandra Hillawi, EmoTrance Trainer, UK
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  When I'm feeling low, confused or I've lost my way I just put on Life, And Love of Life and I'm quickly back on track.  - Nicola Quinn, Author, Life Without Panic Attacks
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Jashmuna Sabine Nebal, MindPowerJewels

  To me, Silvia's work is like a unique precious flower in an enchanted garden.  - Jashmuna Sabine Nebal, MindPowerJewels
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Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley - Emotional Freedom Training www.emotionalfreedom-training.co.uk

  We use the Energy Dancing in two parts of the programme. Firstly we play the inner child track after we have read a beautiful Heart Healing poem, and then close with the beach party.  - Louise Bliss and Kim Bradley - Emotional Freedom Training www.emotiona lfreedom-training.co.u k
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  Just wanted to let you know – whatever you are making here really works :-))  - A.D. Kent, UK
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  The client liked it so much, I ordered her a copy of Freedom to take home so she could play it when she needed it.  - Stephan Brooks New York
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  This is a review you probably won't print, but I wanted to tell you of my experiences with your Lullaby CD ...  - (Name withheld)
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  I was getting a lot of cross-over of senses; for example, the music was becoming colors, and the color evocation evoked musical notes as well as colors.  - K.R, US
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  I'm high by the end of the day. I float home, no longer tired in the way I use to be.  - NR
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  Right from the start I knew this was different to all the many hypnosis tapes and CDs I have tried - there is something DIFFERENT about this, how it sounds, how it feels but mostly how I feel.  - Sven K Sweden
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  Felt throbbing energy and throbbing pulse when the CD finished. Feeling much more energised about my future path.  - Mary Haines, UK
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