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HypnoDreams 1: The Wisdom of the Water

by Silvia Hartmann & Ananga Sivyer
HypnoDreams 1

Developed in parallel with the breakthrough techniques of Energy Flow of EmoTrance, 'The Wisdom of the Water' is a fantastic collection of healing dreams, each one evoking a rich tapestry of healing energies, of states and of experiences.

You can simply allow yourself to relax and feel or you can actively use the journeys in conjunction with EmoTrance to run the energies being evoked smoothly and powerfully.

From the simply wonderful energy clearing and recharging experience that is 'The Wisdom Of The Water', used around the world by practitioners and teachers of EmoTrance with their clients and students, to the powerful and truly amazing 'Darling', this full length audio CD is a truly stunning experience.

Silvia Hartmann's masterful evocation of energies, subtle and extremely powerful, multi-layered and multi-ordinate is raised and supported by Ananga Sivyer's original music, using traditional healing instruments from shamanic cultures across the World.

Additional background vocals by Pia complete the extraordinary depth and richness of texture as three master healers align to prepare your energy system, your body and your mind for deep healing and for transformation.

Evocations by Silvia Hartmann
Soundscapes by Ananga Sivyer
Featuring Vocals by Pia

01 - Oceans Of Energy

02 - Dive To Diamond

03 - The Wisdom Of The Water

04 - Starfall

05 - Ice River

06 - Treasures & Riches

07 - Darling

The Wisdom Of The Water represents a major breakthrough in modern hypnosis and guided meditation.

HypnoDreams bring you:

  • Deep and profound stress relief
  • Mind expansion
  • Energy system soothing and healing
  • Foster conscious/unconscious communication
  • Improved visualisation
  • Deepens your natural meditation skills and abilities
  • Experience powerful autogenic lucid trance states
  • Powerful, intelligent guided meditations
  • Wonderful metaphors of healing and inspiration
  • A choice of 7 destinations that speak to your soul
  • Co-opted with powerful "Sonic Solutions" healing music
  • A true multi-level experience that will give you more than words can say.

Created for you by Silvia Hartmann, originator of EmoTrance, Project Sanctuary and Events Psychology, these are magic meditations like no others.

Not just healing, not just stress reducing, but uplifting, expansive and inviting YOU to grow every step of the way, there is nothing in the world like HypnoDreams, and the first step on the HypnoDreams journey is The Wisdom of The Water.

For more technical and production details, please see http://hypnodreams.org/hypnodreams.htm

To get started on your own journey with the exquisite, precious, unique HypnoDreams, order now.

HypnoDreams 1
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HypnoDreams 1
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