Silvia Hartmann's masterful evocation of energies, subtle and extremely powerful, multi-layered and multi-ordinate hypnosis, with music by Ananga Sivyer. Additional background vocals by Pia complete the extraordinary depth and richness of texture as three master healers align to prepare your energy system, your body and your mind for deep healing and for transformation.

HypnoDreams 1: The Wisdom of the Water - Modern Energy Meditations

HypnoDreams 1

HypnoDreams 1 - "The Wisdom of Water" is perfect energy nutrition for the modern energist. The Wisdom of the Water is a fantastic sequence of wonderfully positive, powerful Modern Energy Meditations, each one evoking a rich tapestry of nourishing energy love for YOUR beautiful energy body!

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HypnoDreams 2: Heart Healing - Modern Energy Meditations

HypnoDreams 2

HypnoDreams 2 - "Heart Healing". Useย these powerful Modern Energy Meditations as an integral part of your personal Energy Stress management routine to instantly de-stress, to raise energy,ย  to support you or simply as the perfect energy holiday for mind, body and spirit. 7 + 1 beautiful energy meditations,ย  7 + 1 absolutely personal experiences of re-alignment and expansion. From the pure power of 'Heart Healing' to the celebration of 'The Child', we are immensely proud to present 'Heart Healing' created by Silvia Hartmann.

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HypnoDreams 3: Freedom! Modern Energy Meditations

HypnoDreams 3

HypnoDreams 3 -ย "Freedom" is powerfully uplifting, intensely inspiring and absolutely beautiful. Created by Silvia Hartmann for the Modern Energist to evolve in mind, body and spirit, and to go forward into the future with lightness, certainty and in joy.

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Reise In Die Heimat: Traeume Fuer Die Deutsche Seele

Reise In Die Heimat
Und Nun - Etwas Ganz Besonderes! HypnoTraume Auf Deutsch - Geschrieben, erbetet und fur Sie gesprochen von Silvia Hartmann, mit originalen Kompositionen von Ananga Sivyer. 2 CD Set - The Original Dreams Plus Bonus Music Only CD!
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