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HypnoDreams 3: Freedom

by Silvia Hartmann & Ananga Sivyer
HypnoDreams 3

To complete this truly extraordinary trilogy, here is Freedom - powerfully uplifting, intensely inspiring and absolutely beautiful.

Beyond mere peace, there lies a new life - forward to the new!

Freedom is about dance, about creativity and about forward movement. A superbly multi-level celebration of life in splendid textures and experiences, Freedom's outstanding tracks are real masterpieces of psycho-energetic and physical alignments.

This album contains the following fantastic experiences:

  1. The Wind Of Change
  2. Freedom
  3. Creativity
  4. Timelines
  5. Our Dimensions
  6. Precious
  7. Forward To The New
  8. The Child

These guided meditations are the culmination of the HypnoDreams Trilogy - extremely advanced energy work at the multi-level, poetic languaging like you've never experienced before and sonic tapestries that are both alien and familar.

For beginners, we recommend to start with HypnoDreams 1: The Wisdom of The Water

Followed by HypnoDreams 2: Heart Healing

Before embarking on the extraordinary journey that is HypnoDreams 3: FREEDOM


HypnoDreams 3
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HypnoDreams 1
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HypnoDreams 2
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HypnoDreams 3
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HypnoDreams 3
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Our Dimensions - HypnoDreams Scripts Ebook.pdf

This fabulous free ebook contains the complete energy hypnosis scripts of every track in the entire HypnoDreams trilogy. For students of energy hypnosis, NLP...

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The Wind of Change HypnoDream by Hartmann and Sivyer - Free Full-Length Energy Hypnosis.mp3

Free Quality Energy Hypnosis MP3 - Creating Desire For Change. The Winds Of Change from HypnoDreams Vol. 3, Freedom.

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