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Tapping For Kids” is an EFT Children’s book designed to teach 7-11 year olds how to use EFT as a tool to help them overcome their fears, worries and everyday traumas as well as build their self-esteem. This is the introduction to the book, including full colour illustrations.
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  A big Thank You to Angie for bringing EFT to life for children in this creative way and for sharing your enthusiasm!  - Helena Fone, Author "EFT For Dummies"
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  Great For Children! The pictures are clear and really explain the procedures so well. I also like the explanations at the end and the list of reference points for adults to tune into for further information!  - Margarita Foley, United Kingdom
Read Review

  This is such a creative, exciting book to teach children to use the power of tapping in a fun way!  - Heather Wilks, Australia
Read Review

  An extremely useful resource for teachers and parents and other mentors!  - Deirdre Brocklebank, Australia
Read Review

  Top Pick For Your Bookshelf!  - Primary Times Magazine, www.PrimaryTimes.net
Read Review

  Tapping For Kids opens up a whole new perspective on EFT for me  - Maureen Moran, Ireland
Read Review

  I loved your book, it was the answer to my prayers!  - Anonymous, Scotland
Read Review

  We have had some amazing results  - Mrs. J.D. Tate, Kent, UK
Read Review

  I love [Tapping for Kids]! It is so clear, so well illustrated, that it will make working with children much easier.  - Joyce Miller, Dallas TX, AKC Canine Ambassador, www.dearju bilee.com
Read Review

  Really fun book. Not what I was expecting. Very easy book to read.  - H, Amazon.co.uk Customer
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  As an ex-teacher, I know how difficult it can be to teach esoteric subjects to children. This little book just makes it that bit easier!  - Jane Stewart Adams, Paradigm Shift Magazine
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  Tapping for kids inspired me and helped me to start an EFT workshop for kids in an elementary school last year.  - Adi Assodri, www.adieft.com< /a>
Read Review

  Tapping for Kids by Angie Muccillo is an excellent resource, explaining EFT in a very clear, concise and entertaining way for children, teachers and parents alike.  - Carol "Noeticae" Amazon.com
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