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Most of our courses have optional or inclusive certification. For a professional course, this will give you the equivalent qualification you would get under similar named live trainings For further information please see the individual course descriptions:

Online Courses & Distance Learning

How to download course material

Course materials are downloaded via our regular download system. Upon purchase of a course and after logging in then your course will show up on your downloads page:

DragonRising Downloads

How will I progress through the course?

Some courses require you to complete a test at the end of each unit before the next one becomes available to you. We have found that this is the best way to encourage students to get the most out of each unit as well as preventing students from skipping ahead and neglecting the important foundations in the earlier units.

Tutor Support

Most of our online courses come with full tutor support giving you a one-to-one relationship to help you as you progress through your course.

What will I receive through the post?

DragonRising distance courses are completely web-based. You download the course information online. If progression of a course requires you to complete each unit by means of an end-of-unit test then you will need to email these to your course tutor.

Why are Distance Learning Courses sometimes better than the equivalent live trainings?

There are many reasons to consider taking a distance training course through DragonRising. The following is a selection of them:

  • DragonRising online courses can go into far more depths of information than can be contained in a two or three day live training.
  • Learn in your own time and get the most out of the material.
  • Convenience.
  • Gain Qualifications.
  • Great Value without additional expenses such as travelling & hotel costs.

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