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Bought an eBook – Where do I download it?

Once your order has been processed and you have successfully logged in then your download will be available in the Downloads Section of our website:

DragonRising Downloads

If you need a password reminder then please visit:

DragonRising Members Page

Having Download Problems? See our faq entry:

Bought an eBook: Having Login Problems.

Having Viewing Problems? See our faq entry:

Bought an eBook: Having Viewing Problems.

How many times can I download an eProduct?

As many times as you like. We do not stop you re-downloading a product if you need to download it again.

Pages are missing!

Download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat from 'http://adobe.com'. It is free and will solve your problem: Adobe.com

Viewing Problems

80% of customer problems are to do with not having up-to-date versions of the necessary programs required to open the files. Documents on this website are normally in ‘Adobe PDF’ format and the viewer is free to download from ‘http://adobe.com’. Music players are ten-a-dozen nowadays, but if you are having problems we recommend a free to download program called WinAmp available from ‘http://winamp.com’.

19% of customer problems are because the customer is opening up the file in there Internet Browser, as apposed to saving the file to there computer and opening it up from the application. To load a file from an application, load up the viewer (eg Adobe Acrobat) and goto the 'file' menu and click 'open'. Navigate to the place on your hard drive where you downloaded the file to and open it from there.

If you are in the final 1% then please contact us and we will help you out as soon as possible:

Contact DragonRising

What is an eBook and why do many people prefer them?

eBooks are electronic books you download through your computer, as opposed to having them delivered through the post. They have many advantages over traditional publishing:

  • E-Books are cheaper to begin with.
  • There are no high international air freight charges on top of the actual purchase price.
  • You can often start studying your E-Book within minutes of ordering - no waiting "28 Days For Delivery".
  • You cannot lose your E-Book - if your computer crashes or you lose your E-Book, it will be replaced immediately free of charge.
  • You can print them out at home, allowing you to read them like a normal book
  • eBooks can contain colourful graphics and multimedia links that you cannot publish conventionally
  • Free upgrades when the eBook is updated (New Findings, breakthrough insights, further developments, latest material being added, new & better diagrams etc)

Remember, if you are unsure about eBooks you can always download & view the freebies available in our Downloads section.

When is my eBook or eProduct going to be sent through the post?

eBooks (Electronic Books) or eProducts are downloaded from our website. You will not receive them through the postal network.

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